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New Profile Posts

  1. AlexanderMBush
    Golden Deers or go home.
  2. AlexanderMBush
    The human heart creates the form that we assume~
  3. AlexanderMBush
    I made..an Oops
  4. Darko
    Darko Brian G.
    Could you shorten my username to Darko?
    1. Brian G.
      Brian G.
      All set.
      Jun 29, 2019
      Darko likes this.
    2. Darko
      Thank you very much, good Sir.
      Jun 29, 2019
  5. Legacy
    Never leaving Love Island.
  6. snayberry
  7. Dustin
  8. Joey
    Joey rageofthegods
    Who is Manics
    1. rageofthegods
      HHNManics, haha. Sorry, I shoulda been more clear.
      Jun 21, 2019
  9. Ridgepole
    Be careful what you say
  10. therock
    therock Andysol
    Hey was reading where you said you had a trick to be the first in line at 7 dwarves and then you go over to Peter Pan straight after. What is this trick?
  11. Legacy
    To the Keys!
  12. Spider-Sonic
  13. Voidfish
    Voidfish Brian G.
    Hi Brian! Sorry if this isn't how username changes are handled anymore (it's the best I could suss out with a forum search) — would be super grateful if you could change my username to claudia if that's available. I made this username as a teen and it haunts me.
    1. Brian G.
      Brian G.
      It's taken. Any other choices?
      Jun 12, 2019
    2. Voidfish
      Whoops, didn't see it come up in the search, sorry! i'm cool with just Claudia M. if that works, or Voidfish if that's somehow taken as well.
      Jun 12, 2019
  14. snayberry
    Starting to plan my HHN 29 trip. Getting excited to visit Universal again!
  15. Danielle Otaka
    Danielle Otaka
    T'Challa saying "Aw hell naw"
  16. Danielle Otaka
  17. David Kern
    David Kern
    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
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  18. JM-BENT
  19. spectatuh
    Here for hhn Hollywood mainly, glad to finally find so many others from LA who dig the event
  20. snayberry
    Universal vacation has been relaxing and fun. Today is my last day at Loews Royal Pacific and it’s Cinco De Mayo. Time to get lit.