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New Profile Posts

  1. snayberry
    HHN 29 begins officially!
  2. Journey_On
    HHN29 is here!
  3. HZorrorLover1974
    no tv and no beer makes homer something something.
  4. RogueAntilles
  5. SeventyOne
    SeventyOne Andysol
    Hey, I refuse to post on Magic anymore, but just wanted to say that was some amazing detective work. Of course, you basically proved (in my eyes) "Al Lutz" was turned into a fictional corporate shill and yet somehow that's not a huge story, but hey, what can you do. Nice job tho.
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  6. Brad S
    Brad S corey
    you doing/staying at Disney the rest of your trip?
  7. Brad S
    Brad S corey
    you getting express or stay n scream?
    1. corey
      We're doing both, seen as we're going opening night and there's bound to be a couple of hold ups here and there we thought that we may as well splurge on the express. We only really have one night to see everything too
      Aug 23, 2019
  8. Brad S
    Brad S Vyrus
    Hey..Did you get express as well as early entry?
  9. Brad S
    Brad S coastercritic99
    Hey...did you get express pass?
  10. Danielle Otaka
    Danielle Otaka
    I don't know what to say
  11. NathanC
    NathanC Joe
    My wife and I are going to HHN for our second and third nights on 10/2 and 10/3, if you'd like to meet up and catch a drink maybe.
  12. Joey
    Joey Legacy
    Hey is something going to be announced tomorrow for Halloween horror nights Hollywood
  13. snayberry
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  14. AlexanderMBush
    The world, can be freely remade. The same goes, for you and me.
  15. Joey
    Joey hhnlover
    How do I post pictures on here
  16. Joey
    Joey hhnlover
    Hey do you have Instagram
    1. hhnlover
      Aug 3, 2019
  17. snayberry
    Just booked my hotel at Royal Pacific Resort for HHN Sept 19-23rd it's going to be lit!
  18. Danielle Otaka
    Danielle Otaka
  19. snayberry
    Everything is lit
  20. therock
    therock Mad Dog
    Despicable Me poll- I think the 25 percent is people who hate screens in general and the choice of "I hate 3d" sounds closest to this. Hopefully someone brings this up as I think the poll itself is flawed because its not asking the right questions. I would like them to put choices of "I would rather have this as 2D" and "I would rather have this replaced completely with something practical."
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