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  1. JaySalahi

    Knott's Berry Farm

    Sad... but this is GREAT, ive legit dreamed of this since I was 11 everything Knotts is doing I dreamed up as a kid (knott's was my home park, old user name handle everywhere was Knottslover77) Re-do Big foot. Take out Mystery lodge (dont wanna see it go but what can you do) and connect that...
  2. JaySalahi

    Jurassic World: The Ride Construction Thread

    Problem with the arch is the Arch color. Its to similar to the paint of the surrounding buildings. The old arch was a much darker deeper brown color compared to the beige look of the building surrounding it so it stood out. much more visual depth coming from a far. Hoping they do a touch...
  3. JaySalahi

    Universal Studios Beijing Coming in 2021

    Im never gonna make it out there, but im bummed they are cloning a 22 year old coaster by the time it opens. Lets hope its not exactly the same.
  4. JaySalahi

    Knott's Berry Farm

    OMG SO CAL BIOreconstruct
  5. JaySalahi

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Construction Discussion

    No every single stop is a block brake and it adds the ability to add another train. Once a coaster passes a "stop" point another train can enter that part of the track. Without a "stop" another train wouldn't be able to launch out of the Hut until the coaster make it all the way all the way to...
  6. JaySalahi

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Construction Discussion

    You guys have to realize this is just testing, they are cycling... It will definitely stop once maybe twice. Each time it stops is another train on the track for capacity.
  7. JaySalahi


    You are correct, Its the combo of both. You have a new FP policy backing/clogging stuff up with now MORE people using FP since they hand out more. Which in returns means the standby lines are getting longer because they added fastpass to more rides (that didnt need it), so more rides now...
  8. JaySalahi


    Micechat is 10000000000000000% correct. Disneyland now lets 60% plus of riders from fast pass. Rides like Haunted Mansion and Pirates now have longer lines than ever before getting fastpass (they never needed them) Even average days where the park isn't busy those rides now clog up more than...
  9. JaySalahi

    Pixar Pier (2018)

    Could have done A LOT more if they just enclosed the final helix, oh well.
  10. JaySalahi

    Knott's Berry Farm

    Finally got to go and ride Hangtime. Only got one night ride in but wow. It was much better than I expected it to be. It REALLY opened the park up. That side was packed, benches were all full, the whole crowd flow shifted exactly how Knotts wanted them too. Hats off to them. Of course I would...
  11. JaySalahi

    Jurassic World: The Ride Construction Thread

    Its at 71 now, JW is the same. This is not a critic movie, its a GA film. It just broke the Opening day record in South Korea and topped Avengers IW. Looks to do 250m in China. Its drop in Europe and Latin America will be made up mostly by Asia. First did 1.67B WW with 1B OS Its gonna drop...
  12. JaySalahi

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Was there yesterday, nothing opened in Pyclone Bay, CraZainty supports all on ride site ready to be installed. Looked like it was gonna happen today or tomorrow but Its raining now so well see.
  13. JaySalahi


    Parks are about a balance. You cant get rid of all the shows. Kids and grandparents a like can do them, they fit all shapes and sizes. Allow you to snack and drink, just sit down for 20 minutues. Knotts has been rising because of there festivals and show quality. There summer season Knotts...
  14. JaySalahi

    Jurassic World: The Ride Construction Thread

    My only concern is, while its not Star Wars or anything Jurassic Park does 10000% have its own architectural style/look and feel. Its unique. You see it and go that JP. Jurassic World as presented in the film looks like a very nice slightly future maybe, very typical modern greys and whites...
  15. JaySalahi

    This Just In

    They will get back to it after summer or after Christmas.
  16. JaySalahi

    Universal Studios Beijing Coming in 2021

    Not 100% true Transformers Dark of the Moon (3) China - 7/21/11 $56,000,000 33.9% $165,100,000 9/4/11 Transformers Age of Extinction (4) China 6/27/14 $92,000,000 28.8% $320,000,000 Final Transformers The Last Night (5) China 6/23/17 $119,682,298 52.3% $228,842,508 7/23/17...
  17. JaySalahi

    Universal's New Park/Site B Blue Sky Thread

    I would like to see Potter do Halloween season. I always loved that setting in the books and movies. Kid friendly, light themeing, lots of pumpkins, more halloweeny themed family night time show.
  18. JaySalahi

    Disneyland's 3rd Park Rumor Discussion

    What the point? The ONLY anchors to make a 3rd park a MUST were Star Wars and Marvel. Those are no longer options. I dont see this happening anymore.
  19. JaySalahi

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    Honestly a Gyro Sphere would be a cool Trolly in the Sky type ride ( I know it wont happen) circling a new JW land. Dont need an Indoor dark ride with screenz.