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  1. Nitro_230

    Parking Garage Shut Down

    Twitter is blowing up with reports parking garage is shut down. WFTV is reporting suspicious device found in parking deck. MyFoxTampaBay is reporting "suspicious van with 9-11 graffiti on it and a strange odor" ThemeParkInsite is reporting 4th floor shut down, Kong 411 area.
  2. Nitro_230

    Second Ferry Dock at TTC

    WDWMagic is reporting that a second ferry boat loading dock is under construction at the TTC. They have some construction pictures to go with it. It is an interesting idea, except for the fact that if you can go twice as fast on one side then the other logic would dictate that you'll just...
  3. Nitro_230

    Tear it down....

    I'm really curious why there seems to be a constant push to tear down or close and re-do everything at Universal. Here's what I've seen needs to be either torn down, or closed and completely re-done. IOA: All of toon, River Adventure, Pteranodon Flyers, Anything in JP that generates...
  4. Nitro_230

    Child falls 3 stories off Animal Kingdom resort balcony

    Child falls 3 stories off Animal Kingdom resort balcony at Disney World
  5. Nitro_230

    A Celebration of Harry Potter

    From Jan. 24 – 26, 2014, Universal Orlando and Warner Bros. will host “A Celebration of Harry Potter” – an unforgettable experience that invites you to celebrate the beloved Harry Potter books and films! You will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive evening reception at The Wizarding...
  6. Nitro_230

    Disney Testing Electric Bus This Summer

    Word is Disney will be testing a new electric bus this summer. The initial plan is to test the bus on the Fort Wilderness internal loop and EPCOT CM shuttle.
  7. Nitro_230

    Space Mountain Refurbishment

    Looks like Space Mountain will be closing for a few days 3 times in September. Exact dates are: September 3 to September 5 2013 September 10 to September 12 2013 September 23 to September 26 2013 Also an intersting rumor on WDWMagic:
  8. Nitro_230

    SeaWorld fined $38,500 by OSHA

    SeaWorld fined $38,500 by OSHA Workplace is dangerous, OSHA says
  9. Nitro_230

    Sea Lion Escapes Enclosure at SeaWorld
  10. Nitro_230

    Guest Brings Gun to Animal Kingdom

    More great people:,0,927853.story
  11. Nitro_230


    Haven't seen it mentioned on here, but they are doing some exterior work on the Maelstrom waterfall.
  12. Nitro_230

    Cops: Tourists took joyride on stolen Epcot golf cart Gotta love people
  13. Nitro_230

    Ripley's Nice piece on the Ripley's Believe It or Not warehouse.... Does anyone else see something odd in that top picture?
  14. Nitro_230

    Bob Iger

    Twitter is currently freaking out due to Iniside the Magic reporting that Bob Iger is in the park. Also of note, someone else then "confirms" that he is there to man an annoucment...
  15. Nitro_230

    Hershey Park new kids play area

    Here's a picture of the new Hershey Park kids play area. Funny thing is I feel like being able to see the houses would cause people in this market to FLIP OUT. I always thought it was funny that you could see the houses and street behind the park from Roller Soaker.
  16. Nitro_230

    Festival of Fantasy

    I noticed that we didn't have any mention of the Festival of Fantasy parade going on. Here's some of the concept art: Also of note Orlando Theme Park News is reporting that when it opens it will be running twice a day and MSEP will be taken out of show for a refurb. Also mentions...
  17. Nitro_230

    Dreams come Alive

    Orlando Theme Parks News is reporting that a new fireworks show is being worked on and set to debut in 2016. The working title is Dreams come Alive.
  18. Nitro_230

    Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade

    Orlando Theme Park News is reporting that we'll be losing another parade in October, Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade. They are also reporting that the holiday version will only run on weekends (and only one run)
  19. Nitro_230

    Port Canaveral Cove

    Port Canaveral is building a shopping and entertainment district that CF News 13 is declaring a challenger to Downtown Disney and City Walk. As local news you would think they would know it's an hour away from those two.
  20. Nitro_230

    Electric Standing Vehicles

    Today Disney starts renting Electric Standing Vehicles. They are 4 wheeled (solving the fear of what if someone lets a segway battery run down and it falls over)