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    Coaster ride next to Harry Potter

    What is the name of the coaster ride being built beside  Harry Potter  could you talk about it on the next Podcast
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    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hollywood

    Aerial Potter Progress August presented on Fickr by Pro Eric Chan - creative commons Village and Castle view
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    Stage 28/Phantom Stage Replacement

    Brover  maybe Goddard is releasing this because that's what Universal is going to do with the soundstage?! thanks to Alkan, I went to the latest posts on Face Book Goddard Group| CGE - Dept. 15, 16, 17,18 2014  - shows four images -   ==========...
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    Studio Tour: attractions feature page

    This section on the studio tour attractions is great  view - Editors Choice
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    Water World  video on utube from the performers point of view. USH WATER WORLD 2012 CAST Eye's 9:10
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    Stage 28/Phantom Stage Replacement

    Attraction Guides for Visitors -   What Tickets should we to enjoy the backlot experience - What tickets best for HHN , What HHN events are that occur on  the backlot tram tour ? Are these experience available on the regular VIP and park ticket - Are different ticket for the HHN "theme park...
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    Stage 28/Phantom Stage Replacement

    Allen The Actor - I'd love to discuss the history of the tour more on IU Posted "Studio Tour" main topic with  a sub topic " Mexico and Western Street" map with suggestions for further subtopic questions and topic form members may be interested. I enjoyed all the questions i gone as an original...
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    Stage 28/Phantom Stage Replacement

    The form and  website does an excellent job on the theme park -  Please consider covering the attractions on the tram tour  as separate topic - thestudiotour site  has excellent history - What will we see if we go on the tour today vs yesterday - What is the VIP tour Like - What does the western...
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    Stage 28/Phantom Stage Replacement

    Stage 28 interior  - images to share on pininterst creative commons VIP Special four hour tour Request for a new form topic - the studio Tram tour - ( existing form covers the theme park with excellence ) topics should include attractions...