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  1. Nathan

    Halloween Horror Nights 30 Speculation Thread

    I will say, Doctor who at first glance seems completely out of place and “not horror” and I don’t personally think it belongs in a Horror based event. BUT in the case of a possible slot, there is a huge amount of creatures to choose from and big amount of them being genuinely terrifying. There’s...
  2. Nathan

    Frozen II

    Just got back from seeing it for the 2nd time! Really love this film. The only thing I feel is lacking from the first one is the music but other then that the visuals and storytelling this movie brings blows my mind. It seriously has some show showstopping scenes. 9/10 for me
  3. Nathan

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Every Hollywood pov has toxic comments, I got told I should’ve been an abortion (all because I said I liked Hollywood’s event more this year) even being called a whiny b**** simply because I felt ghostbusters isn’t that great. Opinions aren’t allowed to be a thing anymore I guess
  4. Nathan

    Late Summer/Fall 2019 WDW Entertainment Cuts

    Great moments in history is going? Awww damn
  5. Nathan

    HHN '19 Employee Preview

    I honestly feel Hollywood is neck and neck with Orlando this year, I went to Orlando’s and felt a lot of stuff Hollywood did turned out better then Orlando’s and vice versa. both have great stuff and both have bad stuff, I feel overall both coasts (especially Hollywood) came for it this year and...
  6. Nathan

    General Discussion - Jurassic World: The Ride

    It will be two giant full body animatronic actually fighting this time, instead of the weird indominous Head (hopefullly)
  7. Nathan

    HHN '19 Employee Preview

    I like the practical version better
  8. Nathan

    HHN '19 Employee Preview

    Based off of the first 3 povs, seems like a really strong year for Hollywood ( and it’s only TM preview)
  9. Nathan

    Jojo Rabbit

    A lot of award nominated movies have low scores, RT is not reliable
  10. Nathan

    Jojo Rabbit

    It chapter 2 has the same score and I thought it was a enjoyable movie
  11. Nathan

    Jojo Rabbit

    From where? All the reviews I’ve seen so far (even the partially negative ones) said it was definitely a fun time
  12. Nathan

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Klownz has A TON, ST had one I noticed aswell
  13. Nathan

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Yea! This year is still a fun year.
  14. Nathan

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    I kinda liked last year better, I just felt disappointed with some of the houses this year. Last year was just a beast and basically every house had everything I needed.
  15. Nathan

    HHN '19: Ghostbusters

    Our version is a nearly full body stay puft, it’s gonna be awesome
  16. Nathan

    IT: Chapter Two

    I felt the jokes were a little flat, but Knives Out still sparks my interest
  17. Nathan

    Mary Poppins Attraction - UK Pavilion

    That is amazing
  18. Nathan

    HHN 29: Employee Preview Thread

    So far reviews seem extremely mixed. Every review list I see is completely different