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  1. HorrorNightsFan13

    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    They’ll just cast normal people for it. The set pieces that they’re on (lab table or firework boxes) hide their actual bodies/legs so the bride will look blown up and the firework kid will look like he doesn’t have any legs Edit: Chase beat me to it
  2. HorrorNightsFan13

    HHN '19: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

    He was there when I went through the maze the second weekend
  3. HorrorNightsFan13

    HHN '19 - Game Plan

    I went on Friday night and upgraded to Unlimited Express. It cost $117 for Unlimited and I believe the worker said $77 for one use express Then there is also the option of after 11 pm express which I never got a price for and is only available on certain nights. The prices will differ based...
  4. HorrorNightsFan13

    HHN 2019: Merchandise (HW)

    There’s an Us shirt in the 8th picture. That looks like it (not including the event shirt)
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    HHN 19': When are You Going?

    Only step left for me is to book a hotel and buy tickets but I’m gonna be going 2 days in a row this year. September 20th and 21st. Normally I’d try to go once early in the season and once closing weekend but stuff came up that weekend for school so I had to improvise to get my fix, cause once a...
  6. HorrorNightsFan13

    HHN '19: Curse of Pandora's Box

    I don’t know if you guys read Manic’s recap of the Q&A but I’ll post John’s tweet replying to my question about the UV lighting and maybe it’ll help ease some concerns
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    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    It’s just a sports joke according to Murdy
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    HHN '19: Most Anticipated Maze

    This list has probably been the most difficult to make because I am truly excited for every single thing. Certain things just edge out others. Even at the best year of the event, 2016, I wasn’t excited for every single thing because of American Horror Story. But this year, I’m excited for...
  9. HorrorNightsFan13

    HHN Hollywood 2019 Construction Thread

    Technically this was taken from a guest accessible area. When you take the elevator from the upper to the lower lot you’re transported via a van (I believe) past this and over to the park. Construction updaters have used this to film the construction of this maze for years without any issues
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    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    Universal Security. That kid who snuck into Halloween is at it again
  11. HorrorNightsFan13

    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    Nope. King was actually very opposed to them bringing The Shining to the event. What’s speculated to have happened was a travel agency leaked early that The Shining was going to be coming to the event and it mentioned King’s Name (this first part actually happened. Next part is speculation) and...
  12. HorrorNightsFan13

    HHN '19: Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

    Probably a pile of body parts since according to john this takes place after Frankenstein pulled the switch at the end of last year’s maze
  13. HorrorNightsFan13

    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    I’m guessing this tweet is alluding to the roaming chainsaw hoard from the closing weekend of last year’s event. I never saw them until the chase out however I heard they were spotted on the lower lot and out on the backlot. I’m guessing if they were to be implemented this year they’d be at the...
  14. HorrorNightsFan13

    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    I’ll add on to 2018 with the Hollywood website fiasco which showed the four unannounced mazes when the website first launched
  15. HorrorNightsFan13

    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    Well the tweet has since been deleted but it was a video of Scott, Hollywood’s casting director, sharing tips for HHN Auditions and in the frame of the video there were images of characters from Ghostbusters and what appeared to be House of 1,000 corpses for, in assuming, reference to cast face...
  16. HorrorNightsFan13

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Construction Discussion

    I see them almost every day and I’m all the way in California
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    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    Of course. Things can always change. The best example Hollywood side would be the loss of The Conjuring in 2017. He had already written the treatment when it went south so he had to write the treatment for Titans of Terror to replace it. By far the best example over the course of the whole...
  18. HorrorNightsFan13

    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    The rumor floating around is that the terror tram is finally done for and they’ll be using the space near the tram garage for a maze. Not along the route that the terror tram would take.
  19. HorrorNightsFan13

    HHN ‘19: Holidayz in Hell

    They did. John said they had switched to a new company and they just didn’t work out the way they wanted them to
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    Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

    First off, welcome to the chaos of HHN speculation Second, re: Halloween 2018, John said that he tried to bring it to the event last year but it didn’t work out so we instead got Halloween 4. We all thought Halloween 2018 was for sure a lock since Michael Myers is popular and the GP always...