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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    I'm extremely excited for this to open! I remember the days reading about this ride initially and that gave me goosebumps. Now, we are just a few days away to see the magic that Disney has created over the past several years. I can't wait to experience this attraction with the focus on the...
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    HHN 29: House Count

    3 Nights Houses: Ghostbusters: 3 Stranger Things: 3 Us: 3 Yeti: 1 Killer Klownz: 3 Universal Monsters: 9 Graveyard Games: 3 Nightingales: 1 Depths of Fear: 2 House of 1000 Corpses: 2 I met someone last night, she hit Monsters a total of 100 times this year!
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    Universal Orlando August 1 Press Conference

    "Almost there..." "Few more seconds..." "Mic check, mic check" "Alright here we go in 5, 4, 3,....and here is, Jimmy....errr....Mark Woodbury!!!" I'm so very excited!
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    Waits and Uptime Reports - Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    Rode Hagrid's for the first time today and man I was pretty lucky! We did not have any plans to go ride Hagrid's today, and just went to the park just to see it in action for the first time and see how crazy everything was. When we walked in the park, the app said 180 minutes. When we got...
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    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    I was also at Volcano Bay recently. The foliage really looks amazing around the park. One thing that was a bit bothersome was just getting to the park. When I was there, they were holding everyone in the parking garage until 9:45 AM. We got to the parking lot at 9:15 and was just standing in...
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    Howl-O-Scream 2018

    I kind of agree that it gets old having the same houses year after year. I took a break for about 5 years and went last year. Every house I went in was a new experience, but NOTHING was scary. My group even went really slow so that there would be no one in front of us and sometimes the scare...
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    Volcano Bay: Photos & Reviews

    Hey everyone! I just thought I'd share some of my reviews of Volcano Bay as I took a few trips in the past month! This was my first time visiting since last summer in mid-June and I have to say, the park has made tons of improvements since then! All of the pathways were opened this time, the...
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    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    I had a bit of an interesting experience on Fast & Furious recently. I've only been on it once at a special event before recently. I walked right through the queue and right on, but my second experience I went into the standby line and it got a bit weird. The line was sent like right behind...
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    Toy Story Land - General Discussion

    After looking at the recent aerials from @bioreconstruct, I'm actually am surprised on how well everything looks in the pictures. At a first quick glance, it actually almost looks like a small toy set very similar to the model! Even though I do think something a bit better could have been...
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    Ray Rush: Opening Spring 2018

    Is there any update on Ray Rush? Haven't seen or heard any updates for over a month now! It seems it should be ready to open soon? I'm looking forward to riding!
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    Top 25 HHN Haunted Houses

    Here's my top 25! (I know I have some different ones that people put at the bottom, for instance Orfanage and the Walking Dead (HHN26), I thought they were really well done and scary! A lot of this is based on how scary I thought they were with a combo of how well I thought the execution of...
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    Pandora: World of Avatar General Discussion

    Hi everyone! I really haven't followed much about Pandora, but I am looking to go to Animal Kingdom next week. I heard they open the park earlier than what it says on their hours. I'm the type of person where I will be first in line to ride whatever ride I'm going to first. So with a park...
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    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    I'm thinking once that huge 4,000 hotel expansion opens up near Wet N Wild, they will have to remove early entry for hotel guests at Volcano Bay because to have the park to be at capacity within an hour after opening is already an issue. Now add 4,000 rooms to the already 5,000+, and...
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    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    I stayed in the Tower Suite a little over three weeks ago! We were on the 7th floor of the Americana building and had an amazing view. Krakatau erupts every hour. When I was there, there were only lights at the top of the Volcano and they were on all night. (It was on when I crashed around...
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    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    There were paint chips on almost every stair case when I went last week. Also, while waiting close to the top for Ko'okiri Body Plunge, there were many names sketched into the rock work at the last platform before the last set of stairs reaching to the top to slide. I'm not sure if they used...
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    Volcano Bay: Photos & Reviews

    PART 2 Eleventh ride was Kala & Ta Nui Serpentine Body Slies RIDE NOW. I did the Green slide as I wanted to see the hype of the intensity. OMG WHAT A RUSH! That 30 foot drop or so goes right into a very tight turn and wow you seriously fly down that slide. After all of the crazy turns, there...
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    Volcano Bay: Photos & Reviews

    PART 1 Hello all! First off, just wanted to say that this is my very first post on these forums but I have been reading them basically since the Volcano Bay construction started. Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone my trip to Volcano Bay today! IT WAS FANTASTIC! We stayed at Cabana Bay...