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  1. Galaxy Defender

    Rumor - Ministry of Magic to Replace Fear Factor Live

    Ministry of Magic replacing Fear Factor Live seems pretty much like a done deal. The question boils down to timing and priority. With the new Potter coaster opening next year this project would seem better suited til after the new park opens. It will be at great draw back to the original park.
  2. Galaxy Defender

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

    At least Disney is consistent. :grin:
  3. Galaxy Defender

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Construction Discussion

    I am very interested to see the external theming around this attraction. Dragon challenge to me always looksed like a roller coaster with a little bit of external theming.
  4. Galaxy Defender

    Universal Orlando Resort Expansion (Part 1)

    Toxic Avenger boat ride.
  5. Galaxy Defender


    I have noticed the price increases at restaurants in the parks. But I have also seen comprable price increases at restaurants well outside of parks. I have eaten at Cowfish at CityWalk and also in Atlanta. I was surprised to see that the prices were the same.
  6. Galaxy Defender

    Universal Orlando Resort Misc Refurbs

    Better. Stronger. Faster.
  7. Galaxy Defender

    Universal's Cinematic Celebration Night Show

    I vaguely remember someone posting that SeaWorld was done with Rudolph so the rights might be going back to Universal.
  8. Galaxy Defender

    Toy Story Land - General Discussion

    Parents might need a FastPass for stroller parking.
  9. Galaxy Defender

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    It is a truly magical place at night with the torches lit. The torches are sorely missed. They cannot come back fast enough
  10. Galaxy Defender

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    Over at the Touringplans blog their Saturday 6 is all about JP. 6 Reasons We Love JURASSIC PARK at Universal
  11. Galaxy Defender

    MSHI Expansion?

    That was what I was referring to. It strikes me odd that a contract would be written for a specific park rather than the resort in general
  12. Galaxy Defender

    MSHI Expansion?

    Really? That's odd.
  13. Galaxy Defender

    MSHI Expansion?

    Getting another Marvel land in a future park would be worth the wait.
  14. Galaxy Defender

    MSHI Expansion?

    Good information that the contract is very favorable to Universal and cheap too. Licensing the rights is cheap and it blocks Walt Disney World. Two great reasons for MSHI to be around for a long time.
  15. Galaxy Defender

    Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurb

    When it comes to air time and that feeling of weightlessness flying through the air I have never been a lot better coaster than Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia. On its downhills it just seems to get a perfect speed. Mako is a great coaster but just a bit too fast for that perfect sensation.
  16. Galaxy Defender

    MSHI Expansion?

    It would be better if Universal did more spot refurbishments on the attractions rather than waiting for big refurbishments.
  17. Galaxy Defender

    Universal's Cinematic Celebration Night Show

    Absolutely!:agree: Now if only Comcast would buy Sony so that they owns the MIB rights.:drool:
  18. Galaxy Defender

    Universal's New Park/Site B Blue Sky Thread

    That's my home park you are talking about. :box: It has been going strong for over 50 years. It has its good and bad points but is still a great park to visit. It has one more RMC coaster than all of Florida combined.
  19. Galaxy Defender

    Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurb

    Even when it is smooth I just don't find Rockit to be an enjoyable ride. Too bad it is not more like Cheetah Hunt.
  20. Galaxy Defender

    T2:3D - Battle Across Time Memorial Thread

    Haven't building renovations been going on for a while?