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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    I rode yesterday and did the early morning wake up. Even though "technical difficulties" were encountered it was worth the wake up. A must for Star Wars fans and a ride like no other. The virtual boarding group is good too allowing you to do other things versus waiting "in line" I made a video...
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    Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy

    I went a few days ago and was able to get in with just a few folks due to a Thunderstorm and technical difficulty and sat in front row. It's a good addition since not much in the park right now but of course that will change soon with the expansion coming soon. Made a video of the show also.
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    Tokyo DisneySea 35 Happiest Celebration

    Although Disney Sea hasn't been around for 35 years, it's still part of the 35th Happiest Celebration at Tokyo Disneyland. I went this summer and was pleasantly surprised in early June the park wasn't very crowded. Of course there's some rain this time of year and locals weren't out of school...
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    Thank you all - a great place!
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    Infinity Falls - 2018 Raft Ride

    I was able to ride twice on Sunday morning during the soft opening before the Grand Opening. A nice addition to the park especially during the hotter days.
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    Glad to be a part of the group. Been an annual passholder (Florida) for a long time and added Volcano Bay this year. Also frequent HHN. Great info in these groups - thanks!