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  1. Vyrus

    Horror Nights Wish List - Orlando

    I'm surprised no one else has said it, but I would absolutely loooooove Art the Clown somehow at the event and do a house based on Terrifier, now the chainsaw scene may have to be changed up, but I think this could be a surprise hit to the event. Besides that, would love to see original houses...
  2. Vyrus

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    This right here. Its already been beta'd in certain parts of the world and searching online for the APK has yet to yield any results yet.
  3. Vyrus

    Halloween Horror Nights 30 Speculation Thread

    I honestly can't wait for next year. I went pretty early on in the event, which I may change for next year because it seems like some houses didn't get their proper footing until a couple weeks later (Monsters), and some that were pure fun early on, got more and more dull as the event went on...
  4. Vyrus

    HHN 29: House Count

    Nights: 1 Houses: 14 Ghostbusters: 2 Stranger Things: 1 Us: 2 Yeti: 1 Killer Klownz: 1 Universal Monsters: 1 Graveyard Games: 1 Nightingales: 1 Depths of Fear: 2 House of 1000 Corpses: 2 Shows: Academy of Villains - Altered States: would never Marathon of Mayhem: 1
  5. Vyrus

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Honestly speaking, I'm sure there were a few cancellations from people who were a little scared about flying down cause of the hurricane. Down here in Miami we've had a few squalls pass through, a couple gusts up into the 30s, but overall its typical Florida weather, 15 mins rain, 15 mins...
  6. Vyrus

    2019 Hurricane Thread

    I would say so because depending on when it turns north, it'll be in the Orlando area at that time.
  7. Vyrus

    2019 Hurricane Thread

    I have until early Sunday to cancel my reservation for Wednesday and I already sent an email to UO regarding my horror nights tickets for next Saturday in case we are impacted down here. Was able to go get gas last night around 11pm near my house, waited all of 5 minutes pretty much. Got water...
  8. Vyrus

    2019 Hurricane Thread

    As of right now I'm still planning to go on Wednesday, but I have until Sunday to cancel my hotel and move it back an extra day possibly.
  9. Vyrus

    2019 Hurricane Thread

  10. Vyrus

    2019 Hurricane Thread

    Most Models have it hitting around Canaveral or curving up and missing. That light green one though is NO BUENO.
  11. Vyrus

    2019 Hurricane Thread

    From down here in Miami, we saw some people yesterday buying water and stuff, but no one here is taking it too seriously ATM, especially if its tracking even more to mid / northern FL. I honestly think it's going to curve and stay out at sea. I'm heading up to Orlando next week, so hopefully...
  12. Vyrus

    HHN 29: When are You Going?

    Officially bought my ticket for Sept 7th, and I also got the early entry pass so I'm inside the park already, as well as express. Got a plan of hitting Ghostbusters and / or Stranger Things at least twice.
  13. Vyrus

    HHN 29: Ticket, RIP Tours, and Pass Information

    Has anyone seen anything regarding FL resident tickets? Typically they have the coke can promotions or something along those lines.
  14. Vyrus

    HHN Tips & Tricks

    Wrong section
  15. Vyrus

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    So, spend the extra few bucks and go on Saturday instead of Friday?
  16. Vyrus

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    I just realized, don't ask me how I didn't notice sooner, but I'm going opening night on 9/6. In the past opening night has had pretty manageable crowds especially with express. How has it been in the past couple of years? I've been going mid-event lately, whereas in the past I always tried...
  17. Vyrus

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    What's annoying me right now is that I'm going to Orlando labor day week, but the current FL resident offer is only good through the end of August. I'm just hoping they release something within those first couple of days in-between for me. Until then, I can't reserve anything.
  18. Vyrus

    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    I think a dueling Night Fury coaster is a brilliant concept and a great way to use the HTTYD theme. Trains are themed to Light / Night Fury and they dual against each other. There'll probably be a launch inside of a building with SCREENZ to simulate the lightning / invisibility ability the...
  19. Vyrus

    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    Top right hand corner looks like a New York city street and building, so thats possibly Fantastic Beasts
  20. Vyrus

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Robust build leads me to think of a bigger guy, possibly closer to a captain spaulding. Too bad I'm not in Orlando yet lol, I'm 6'4" shaved bald already and a beard as long as his lol