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  1. ynnoj

    NES Classic

    Yup, top of my Christmas wish list! Although currently showing as unavailable on Amazon which is worrying.
  2. ynnoj

    Sapphire Falls Resort

    Hope they upgrade us when we arrive for honeymoon :whoo:
  3. ynnoj

    Sapphire Falls Resort

    Great, thank you.
  4. ynnoj

    SeaWorld Orlando's Future Plans

    Well that's depressing.
  5. ynnoj

    Sapphire Falls Resort

  6. ynnoj

    Sapphire Falls Resort

    As a follow up to this, is there a way for me to calculate an approximate AP room discount for a 8 night stay at SF? Trying to figure out if it's financially beneficial to us to buy a couple Seasonal Passes for the room discount alone. Being quoted $1300 (inc. tax) direct with Universal now.
  7. ynnoj

    Sapphire Falls Resort

    Booked 8 nights at Sapphire Falls next October as part of our honeymoon trip. First time staying on property, cannot wait!
  8. ynnoj

    Future of Dragon Challenge?

    Man, I miss that old entrance.
  9. ynnoj

    Netflix Originals

    Stranger Things was AWESOME. Their original content is the only stuff I watch on there. The rest of the stuff is mostly average. Happy to keep paying a subscription whilst they churn out great series.
  10. ynnoj

    Wizarding World - Diagon Alley Discussion - Part 3

    Happened to stumble upon this this tweet earlier. Is this actually a problem?!
  11. ynnoj

    Currently Playing...

    I'll add you!
  12. ynnoj

    Pokemon Go

    They need to hurry up and launch this in the UK. Should be this week from what I've read.
  13. ynnoj

    Currently Playing...

    Anybody playing Overwatch on XB1?
  14. ynnoj

    Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurb

    Yup, not to mention greasy fingers from sun screen for us foreign visitors not accustomed to the sun :ack:
  15. ynnoj

    Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurb

    Are these the first of the ticket based lockers on property? I hope this is the start of the transition away from the fingerprint lockers. They're a hot, unreliable mess in the summer season.
  16. ynnoj

    Free MagicBand Covers/Stickers

    Those looks great! I liked the idea of customising my MagicBand with the Star Wars 'MagicBandits', but found they fell or snapped off the band pretty easily. I bet these are way more durable. Hope they take off!
  17. ynnoj

    Should Universal Move HHN to Possible 4th Park?

    I don't really think this would be a valid consideration. Insiders have already suggested that the newly acquired plot would have its own 'CityWalk 2.0', amongst resort hotels.
  18. ynnoj

    Universal's New Park/Site B Blue Sky Thread

    Nemo at DAK is a great show, and at around 45 minutes (?), IMO it's the perfect length for an in-park show. Nice air conditioned break from the sun, too :thumbsup:
  19. ynnoj

    Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurb

    Is the the statue the same Hulk statue that's been in and out IOA since opening? Or a completely new creation?
  20. ynnoj

    Hey guys..

    Welcome! :wave: