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  1. Cole

    Creating HHN

    Hope someone posts a couple things because I'd be interested in it. I heard the same thing legacy said, WAY less tedious and overblown than the way Hollywood does it. They're also apparently not big on too much concept art witch is strange to me but hey it works!!!
  2. Cole

    Show: Academy of Villains: House of Fear

    Dialouge added into an all dance show can't be good, I hope that plan B doesn't happen
  3. Cole

    HHN 26: When are You Going?

    2nd weekend with all my HHN vlogger friends such as Discoliz, universallybritt, theKpopnerd and Annatv. Check all their channels out for some great times with great people, can't wait another second for it. Hope to see you guys there!!!
  4. Cole

    HHN 26 House Route/Guide

    Whatever you did an awesome job Rouge!!! Definitely following this one second weekend, can't wait
  5. Cole

    Survive or Die

    Now that more props and artwork is coming out I'm slowly becoming more and more excited about this zone. I'm sure it'll rock the setting its in. Hope the costumes are on par
  6. Cole

    HHN 26: Most Anticipated House

    9999.TWD 8. Halloween 7. Chance 6. Ghost town 5. AHS 4. TCM 3. Exorcist 2. Krampus 1. Tomb This year is gonna be sooooo goooood. Best line up ever
  7. Cole

    HHN 26: American Horror Story

    Cool fact legacy!! Btw I feel sorry for the poor actor that'll be in the gimp suit, poor guy is gonna be drowning in sweat
  8. Cole

    HHN 26: American Horror Story

    To those who are comparing this to TWD and freaking out over nothing, you are no worse than those who whined over TCM coming back. So much variety, so many unique characters, disturbing scenes and (surprise) actual scares!!! So what if the show has writing? HHN houses aren't a dialogue ridden...
  9. Cole

    Halloween Horror Nights 26 Discussion

    That promo art is phenominal, thank god they actually released it this year. All make me super hyped, this next month can't come soon enough
  10. Cole

    HHN 26: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

    The sex tails must return lol. I really hope it's not all political because this election is already too much of a joke. That and the last thing I want to see is another controversy from Bill and Ted, already almost lost the rights because of it
  11. Cole

    Halloween Horror Nights 26 Discussion

    Can't wait for an even bigger merch store. Was in love with the one in aftermath. Basically a little museum filled with some amazing props. really hope that's a returning factor with this one. Would love to see more cool things
  12. Cole

    Halloween Horror Nights 26 Discussion

    AHS while insanely flawed has some moments of brilliance scattered throughout. HHN is all about those moments, needless to say it has no real way of failing
  13. Cole

    Halloween Horror Nights 26 Discussion

    Lol more talk of the walking dead contract that convientely adds another year every single year. I'd say ghost town as the repeat but it's different enough
  14. Cole

    HHN26: Most Anticipated Scarezone

    Vamp no contest
  15. Cole

    Show: Academy of Villains: House of Fear

    Booooooooooring. Might skip this one, just rather do other things than another dumb dance show
  16. Cole

    Vamp 1955

    Number friggin one!!! I mean cmon this is perfect. Such a fun idea they can go nuts with creatively. That and it being next to Mel's, it's like a perfect sequel to American graffiti. HYPED
  17. Cole

    HHN 26: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

    Always a highlight. Hope it's not too political heavy and I really hope new Ted rocks it
  18. Cole

    A Chance In Hell

    Bummer this is all chance gets but the zone itself sounds like a fun photo op. Not too shabby
  19. Cole

    Dead Man’s Wharf

    Awesome awesome awesome!!! Creepy sea things and this sounds like heaven for a scare zone. Very happy about it
  20. Cole

    Survive or Die

    Sounds like acid assault. Need more info and a better idea of it before I pass it off as lame