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    Skull Island: Reign of Kong - General Discussion

    Awesome!! It is great to see they still spend the money for an actor in the queue! I'm impressed with Universal! Thanks for the quick response!
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    Skull Island: Reign of Kong - General Discussion

    I am coming next week and it has been a couple of years since I have been to the parks. Does anyone know if they still the scare-actors in the queue? It was one of my favorite things about the queue but I fear that they may have taken it out by now.
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    I havent seen any discussion on the Virgin train from the airport. The last question from the press conference was about the train and how much Universal is pushing to get it to have a stop at the OCCC/Universal before going to Disney. Tom Williams seemed frustrated while talking about this...
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    General Discussion - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    I noticed in one of the many povs online that there is a really cool effect on the launch after the drop track. It looks like a simulated fire effect from the motorbike. Has anyone seen this? If so is it only on that launch? Also is it on both sides of the bike?
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    Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle (USH)

    I am thinking of going on Saturday 4-27. Is this included in admission or is it a separately ticketed event? I can't find anywhere to buy tickets for it so I assumed it was included. What is confusing is that it says at the top of the page "special pricing for passholders.". Thank you in...
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    Universal's New Park/Site B Blue Sky Thread

    I have a thought that might seem crazy but here it is. Do you think Universal will partner with the Genting group to build a casino/resort on a parcel of the new land. They have already partnered with them in Singapore. Universal Singapore is in the same resort as Genting's casino. Genting...
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    Aventura Hotel

    This is a question for anyone who was at the media preview. Was there a smoking area at the rooftop bar? Unfortunately I am one of the few smokers left out there and it is hard to have a beer in one hand and not to have a cigarette in the other......
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    Volcano Bay: Photos & Reviews

    Did anyone look at the TEA report for last year? The water park report was very interesting. Volcano Bay posted 1.5 million guests in a shortened year (7.5 months). Disney's parks posted 1.9 and 2.1 million in a full year..... Does anyone else here think that Volcano Bay will reach number...
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    Aventura Hotel

    Another thing I saw was that they confirmed a dedicated walking path to volcano bay. I thought this was only rumored but I could be wrong. The other thing is that because Sapphire Falls is right there you can probably walk to VB from there now too. Overall I am definitely excited about this...
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    Aventura Hotel

    I found this article today. I feel like there are a couple of items in here that are new. Either way check it out here: Aventura expands the choices at Universal Orlando: Travel Weekly
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    Universal's New Park/Site B Blue Sky Thread

    Did anyone post this already? Do you think we will get an announcement this year? If so will we get details regarding attractions? IMO this has to be referring to Universal. I can't...
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    Universal Orlando Resort Expansion (Part 1)

    I found a really old article from 1989 about when universal was first opening there park in Orlando. The feud between Disney and Universal is starting up again! This is very exciting! Nastiness Is Not a Fantasy In Movie Theme Park War -
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    Volcano Bay: Photos & Reviews

    The first picture is from our room!!
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    Volcano Bay: Photos & Reviews

    Here are a few pictures from our trip!!!
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    Volcano Bay: Photos & Reviews

    Sorry this review is ridiculously late.... We visited Universal May 31 - June 4. We checked into Cabana Bay at night after volcano bay was closed already. I booked the volcano room in the new tower and was absolutely stunned when I opened the curtain and looked out the window. Wow!!! What a...
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    Dry 'n Tame Hotel Speculation (Project 566)

    Not sure if this was posted yet.... Universal plans resort; city planners give approval in Wet 'N Wild transformation I am excited for this!!
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    Volcano Bay Construction & Preview Discussion

    Nothing like waking up at cabana bay getting a cup of coffee and walking over to the second floor at the edge of the pool deck watching 100's of workers building what will most likely the greatest water park ever! Can't wait til June when I come back!!!
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    Race Through NY Starring Jimmy Fallon

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet.... There is a second floor above the gift shop and it seems to be a meeting place that can be rented out. I was at Mardi gras last night and there were a bunch of people up there having dinner and drinks. It seems like a prime spot to rent out!
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    Skull Island: Reign of Kong - Reviews, Photos, and Videos

    Good morning to everybody! I have been following these forums since the construction of hogsmeade (back when it was ioacentral) however this is my first post. I was at Universal from august 25th- 29th. This was my first time back since Kong and Hulk were open. I tempered my expectations for...