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    Sony/Marvel Spider-Man Deal

    Unless we are going multiverse. Then they can just explain the movie away as a parallel universe. Cheap storytelling, but it's nothing that can't be worked around.
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    Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

    On a cruise ship, you are pretty much kicked out of your room at 8-9 am and new guests aren't allowed in the rooms till after 1pm. It's the same staff that does it all week. They just give them enough time to strip the linens, put in new, and vaccuum/wipe everything. It's not too painfully...
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    Sony/Marvel Spider-Man Deal

    One thing to consider, theres not an Avengers movie currently on the released slate. Probably not going to be one till 2022 at the earliest. They don't "need" Spidey till then. So Disney has time to play hardball. They can write it so that he can be added late in the game. While Sony, if they...
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    After laying the concept art into the plans, you get the below give or take. The Potter and Monsters may be off a hair due to the art getting ambiguous and the presence of other buildings. But the Nintendo and Dreamworks areas are more defined and you can see the in-roads in the art and match...
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    I'm not seeing Berk at the bottom right. No rockwork, cliffs or anything that we saw in the movies. Possible a little bit there by the coaster.(the small one in the land not the big one), It might be an overall Dreamworks land, or just possibly fake art to hide the real plan for that area.
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    Yeah it looks like they are going for a full Belagio type show.
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    Whats the stadium thing then? A show clearly, but a monsters outside show? My first thought was Quidditch world cup, but the rest doesn't look like Potter.
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    If that's nintendo, they are changing it from what the other parks are getting. Disregard, the better artwork cleared it up.
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    Seems placeholder-y. No nintendo that I can tell, so they threw generic lands in.
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    So is it a Wish list, or for discussion about what can really happen? The way you worded that, I just am not sure which you meant. Cause someone is going to roll out a 6 paragraph plan for the the entire park to be themed to Laika properties.
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    Avengers Campus (DCA)

    A Thor bowling alley would be awesome.
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    Universal Orlando August 1 Press Conference

    Is Nintendo top right?
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    Universal Orlando August 1 Press Conference

    Probably something like this. The hotel may be over by the retention pond though. Those diagonal roads are throwing me off.
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    Universal Orlando August 1 Press Conference

    "as we enter hour three of the presentation, we will now start the full POV's of the rides in the 4th land in our VR simulator." But there very well could be an expansion plot set aside for one.
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    Universal Orlando Resort Expansion News (Part 2)

    New resort. Park name. Existence of a hotel. Concept art with a quarter mile away aerial perspective. Maybe the name of the worlds, since the concept art should give them away. Opening Year. Not expecting more than that.
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    Universal's New Park/Site B Blue Sky Thread

    And they are almost always the most popular ride in the park. Theres a reason for that. You may be right, but I could see a large coaster in Monsters land. A werewolf coaster or a Dracula one work. Or even "dueling" ones since those two are rivals. I'd rather see it going in and out of...
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    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland)

    RotR is actually the black box ride....
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    Spider-Man Attraction (DCA)

    The loading station has two gates side by side. I can't see a reason for that if they aren't loading two sets of people in the same car.
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    Black Widow

    Yeah, with that timeline, they can introduce new characters for the next phase. A new "Black Widow" wouldn't surprise me at all.