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  1. darkridelover

    Universal's Epic Universe Construction Thread

    If this area is themed to the level of detail we see in SNW then it's going to be an awesome section of the park. Very well rounded with attractions.
  2. darkridelover

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    I cancelled my Disney+ nothing on it I really want to watch. I'll sign up again when a new show gets talked about on my Facebook feed.
  3. darkridelover

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DL)

    I still think a queue with cast members handing out Paper Boarding groups on a first come first serve basis would be the fairest most consistent way to do this.
  4. darkridelover

    New Canada/China 360 Films, Beauty & The Beast Sing-Along

    We literally have the Beauty and the Beast show at DHS AND Story Time with Belle at Magic Kingdom, both of which already tell the same story. Are we out of ideas Disney?
  5. darkridelover

    Future of Toon Lagoon

    I'm hearing some buzz about some movement at the Toon Lagoon amphitheater but I got no specifics. Has anyone else heard anything?
  6. darkridelover

    Super Nintendo World (Osaka)

    As an actual Millenial, I've bought into the Disney model of brainwashing kids at a young age to be loyal. It wasn't until I worked for Disney that I found out it was an evil money grubbing coorporation that treats it's cast members like an expendable resource and is becoming an out of control...
  7. darkridelover

    Let's play being head of Universal Creative...

    Lost Universal Land- Bring Back Iconic Attractions updated with today's technology. Jaws, Back to the Future, Beatlejuice Graveyard Review, Wild West Stunt Show, move and update ET.
  8. darkridelover

    Epcot Overhaul (General Discussion)

    I don't see the benefit of attaching an IP to a BBQ restaurant. Putting a BBQ in the America Pavilion makes a lot of sense but having the Sam Eagle tie in doesn't. The IP isn't going to bring any more guests in than just having a BBQ restaurant. It cheapens the experience for me and actually...
  9. darkridelover

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland)

    Thus continues the constant stream of small things that should have been in the land at opening but were left out to keep Disney fans coming back.
  10. darkridelover

    The Bourne Stuntacular (Spring 2020)

    This seems to be the one project we don't have a lot of information about.
  11. darkridelover

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    Right, this has to be a turn table issue.
  12. darkridelover


    My worry with this show is the water screens will be where a lot of the story focus is. And just like Universals Cinematic Spectacular: 100 years; there will be some good places to watch and some terrible places you can't see the main center screen from. This is a park where people have had...
  13. darkridelover

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    I think Jurassic Galaxy will be first.
  14. darkridelover

    Future of Toon Lagoon

    LOTR land would be set in Hobbiton with a Hobbit festival theme including a Maypole Spinner Ride. There would be two E tickets- One called "There and Back Again- A Hobbit Adventure" And one called "The Fellowship of the Ring". Both innovative dark rides following the adventures of Bilbo or Frodo.
  15. darkridelover

    Mummy Guards Cut

    Or you know, company executives who are making millions can take a little pay cut instead of taking the problems with their bad decisions out on frontline workers. GREED!!!
  16. darkridelover

    Volcano Bay Expansion?

    I say build a modern version of the Jaws ride!
  17. darkridelover

    What is the best Florida theme park addition of the decade?

    WHY ISN'T HOGSMEADE AN OPTION? Wizarding World- Hogsmeade change in the industry! Without it none of the other major additions would have happened on the same scale.
  18. darkridelover

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    They need more original adult content. Outside of the Mandalorian, everything seems like a Disney Commercial masquerading as a documentary or a rehash of old IP's. I'm not someone that gets wrapped up in Nostalgia. For me, I treat streaming services as a replacement for television not a...
  19. darkridelover

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    I said this to my roommate yesterday. Mandalorian was amazing. But now I have no use for Disney+ until season two. There just isn't enough compelling new adult content. Lets be honest, a lot of the content on Disney+ is old nostalgic movies. Most of which, until recently, was available on other...
  20. darkridelover

    Epcot Overhaul (General Discussion)

    Yuck!!! I hate that cold white color temperature. It reminds me of florescent office lighting. I have a visceral reaction to it.