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  1. randompixel

    Iron Gwazi (Opening 2020)

    I wonder why they didn't have a bit of a "RMC pre-amble" twisty section? The old Gwazi dropped down and round before reaching the lift - looks like they just bypassed that idea and stepped round the side.
  2. randompixel

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    Maybe he's really a vampire?
  3. randompixel

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    You get the feeling that, at least, The Mandalorian will be highly pirated.
  4. randompixel

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    UK, France, Germany, Italy & Spain have to wait until 31st March 2020
  5. randompixel

    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    Can someone provide a summary of the article? We non-US folks are still blocked from OS.
  6. randompixel

    Disney's Hollywood Studios Overhaul

    Starbucks is the only decent place to get a cup of tea in any of the parks or resorts.
  7. randompixel

    Universal Endless Summer Resort - Surfside and Dockside Inn & Suites

    Howdy-ho, we've just booked 10 nights at Wilderness Lodge and 4 nights at a 2 bed suite Dockside next April. Does anybody know if the whole "if you've paid to park at the resort, you can park for free at the parks" thingie works at Universal as well as Disney? (Does it even make sense to at...
  8. randompixel

    Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

    Only 5 miles away from where the site of the London Resort / Ex-Paramount park is meant to be going. That area must be prime theme park central. Good for those coming from Europe - a bit rubbish for those living in the rest of the UK.
  9. randompixel

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

    Imagine if the show building was a recreation of the opening fight of GotG2. Circling the monster with the carriages keeping the focus on the beast. That'd be pretty cool, right? I'm picturing that level of movement - keeping your eye focused on big things whilst moving, rather than crazy...
  10. randompixel

    Disney Skyliner - Gondola Transportation System

    I'm fairly critical of the latest round of Disney projects, but fair play to them, this one seems like a good idea and I like how they've put the effort in so that each station is different.
  11. randompixel

    Universal raises Parking prices (Oct 2018)

    We got free parking at Royal Pacific with Virgin when we last went. I do wonder if they just bundle it into the base price though.
  12. randompixel

    Coronado Springs - Gran Destino Tower

    It's gives an impression more of Dubai than Mexico.
  13. randompixel

    Coronado Springs - Gran Destino Tower

    Check Out These Renderings of the New 15-Story Tower Rising at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort | Disney Parks Blog
  14. randompixel

    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    Aren't LibertyGlobal also trying to get in bed with Vodafone in Europe? I'm sure they were touted as a buyer for Virgin Media at some point.
  15. randompixel

    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    Sky also have a strong partnership with Disney Channel in the UK. I wonder if this will change in the future?
  16. randompixel

    The Walkers do Orlando 2018

    You go all the way to Orlando and have a Five Guys - we have plenty of them over here! I'd give you a KFC because that seems quite different to the UK version, but Five Guys seems identical! :D
  17. randompixel

    What's next for Busch Gardens Tampa??

    I agree. One of my favourite flats.
  18. randompixel

    Epcot Overhaul (General Discussion)

    I know chances are slim to none, but I want Imagination to be Mystic Manor crossed with... ... with a Forbidden Journey type experience. As to opening up the middle of the Future World area, sure, as long as there is somewhere to run to when the heavens open!
  19. randompixel

    Infinity Falls - 2018 Raft Ride

    That makes it look like it is going down in slow motion.
  20. randompixel

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

    Which is a shame. Seeing it go up is both good for building excitement in enthusiasts and good for people a bit scared to be able to look up what they're getting into. I don't think seeing Rock 'n' Roller Coaster being constructed spoilt any enjoyment of the ride.