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  1. Frogki

    What is the best Florida theme park addition of the decade?

    Color me forgetful - I had the notion that Hogsmeade had opened in 2008. Regardless - it's very clear that Harry Potter has forever changed the face of themed entertainment, and will be looked to as the standard for theme parks from this point on. I couldn't be more excited to see where the...
  2. Frogki

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong - General Discussion

    :thumbsup: Glad you can laugh with us man, I was genuinely confused by your post but I can see how it would seem like a strange thematic shift without seeing the source material.
  3. Frogki

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong - General Discussion

    :huh: But... That's what Skull Island is? A mishmosh of fantastic, strange creatures and enormous things including dinosaurs. I genuinely don't understand this complaint, this is just the story?
  4. Frogki

    How Much Longer Does E.T. Adventure Have?

    I have to say that was one of the best commercials I've seen in a long time, and I'm glad Comcast/Universal recognize the staying power of the property. Some of the younger demos may not get it but I think most families consider it a required viewing on par with classic Disney animation.
  5. Frogki

    Pixar's Soul

    That's a really good point - I did see something comparing it to Princess and the Frog and I didn't really consider it that way before. I still really love the trailer but I understand the complaints a little more in that light. I still think people complaining about him dying missed the point...
  6. Frogki

    Pixar's Soul

    I can't believe how many people are complaining about the death in the comments on the trailer. This movie has had some designs released snd the premise is in the title... I guess I understand people wanting more realism in animation but honestly this looks like it's going to be beautifully...
  7. Frogki

    T2:3D - Battle Across Time Memorial Thread

    As a former actor who knows quite a few of the performers at the parks, while character integrity is important - most of them are not nearly as concerned as has been made out here. If it were up close, it could be an issue with employment but as it is a aerial photo on a forum focused on the...
  8. Frogki

    Spam Popups?

    I'll add that I have yet to experience an issue on Google Chrome mobile as of most recent complaint.
  9. Frogki

    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    I believe there are a few select nights where closing is closer to 10 or 11 but generally yeah, they close ridiculously early...
  10. Frogki

    The Future of Lost Continent

    I've seen at least Bulwinkle out but only when there were special events going on.
  11. Frogki

    The Future of KidZone

    Thinking this may have something to do with the upcoming reboot? I thought Nick was looking to pull out of Universal though?
  12. Frogki

    Toy Story 4

    I kinda think this is gonna be a reversal of previous films. Woody learned to let go at the end of Toy Story 3 but he wasn't saying goodbye to his whole world. I have a feeling we're gonna see Woody let go of his "purpose" as a toy and say goodbye to Bonnie before she grows up, not out of fear...
  13. Frogki

    The Google Assistant Ride (CES 2019)

    That was adorable and it would be perfect in one of the Innoventions pavilions...
  14. Frogki

    Drones in Theme Parks

    Didn't Universal Japan use drone dementors in one of their shows in their WW?
  15. Frogki

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade (Orlando): Part 2

    Yes unfortunately I have noticed the Leaky Cauldron sign in London is visible no matter how far away you are now. It was really cool when it was hidden till you got to the right spot...
  16. Frogki

    Where in the World is Buzzy (the AA)?

    I actually toured that area around when I was first hired for Festivals. There's literally no one around in that building except the occassional orientation for the upcoming festival people, so I can see how CMs could have cut it down with enough people looking away. How it could have gotten out...
  17. Frogki

    The Future of KidZone

    I still say go along something of this route. Have us meet with trainers and their Pokemon. If you have to do a person sized fursuit meet and greet, keep it to a minimum - maybe just Pikachu and Evee at most. Editing to say this would also make a perfect merchandising opportunity - people will...
  18. Frogki

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Construction Discussion

    I've been on these forums since the original Potter land was taking shape. Back when Universal was a very different resort. I tend to stick to lurking just because I'm often so busy I don't want to clutter up a thread that I've fallen behind on. But I can say without a doubt that these forums...
  19. Frogki

    Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    I disagree, at least on the first - still need to give the second a listen. But the first one certainly gives the feel of a Poppins song. It has the gentle tug of "Feed the Birds" but appears to be more emotionally weighty due to this films plot.
  20. Frogki

    Fantastic Beasts - Crimes of Grindelwald

    After viewing the film tonight I can honestly say the negative hype train is overblown to me. I can see the criticism - especially in terms of the wildly muddled plotlines and some of the character retconning/addition. But overall I still really enjoyed it - I think Rowling should have gone with...