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    Mardi Gras 2020

    Thanks for the info Brian! Is there a specific booth or building to go to reserve a spot? When Can I go to reserve? first thing in the morning when the park opens?
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    Mardi Gras 2020

    I will go going to UO the first week in February. I remember hearing there is a way to reserve a spot on one of the floats to throw beads. Can anyone give me more info on this? Do you have to wait in line for a long time to reserve your spot? It would be fun to do but i wouldn't want to take too...
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    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    I will be heading to UO in a couple weeks! I'm excited to visit Volcano Bay in the winter for the first time to see the park when it is (hopefully) less busy. For those who have been there in January/early February how have the lines been? Is everything walk on except the coaster and drop...
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    The Bourne Stuntacular (Spring 2020)

    Maybe after the success of this attraction, Matt Damon will finally get to appear on Kimmel!
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    The Bourne Stuntacular (Spring 2020)

    Anyone else think its strange the attraction sign is up already if it doesn't open until spring. The first day of spring is 5 months away. Could be wishful thinking but i bet previews/softs come sooner than we think
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    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    From a random trip advisor review I came across today, had to rush over here to post it! hahaha "...Fast and Furious Supercharged is horrible and the biggest waste of time of our entire vacation. Everything else was worth riding or experiencing at least once (even the Storm Tea cup ride)."
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    The Bourne Stuntacular (Spring 2020)

    I'll be at the parks the first weekend of February! I'm hoping i get lucky and catch the opening. What is the latest rumor on opening? The thread says Spring but in Alicia's Park Stop video from a few days ago, she said this year or early 2020...
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    Universal's Epic Universe Construction Thread

    Is this open yet!?!?!? :grin: Has anyone down there noticed any construction action other than dirt moving?
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    T2:3D - Battle Across Time Memorial Thread

    I hoping this opens by February. Just booked a trip to UOR Feb 2nd-6th 2020. Fingers crossed. Seems like T2 has been closed for AGES!
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    :shrug: Well I guess it HAS been a couple years since i've been there, maybe its taken a turn for the worst. I remember the brisket at the smokehouse being amazing... My opinion was probably influenced by the quantity of beer that may or may not have been consumed.
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    hopefully EU is on par with Busch Gardens food wise. I've never had a bad dining experience or lack of choices at Busch Gardens Tampa. IOA dining options are.... NOT great. Edit: also, I am now very hungry.
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    Is it too late to change the name of this park!? I know its just a name and the park is going to be amazing but the "Epic" concept is NOT growing on me like I'd hoped.
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    2019 Hurricane Thread

    Hey Brian just FYI this link is error 404
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    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    I'm not a huge fan of the reboot anyway. Although I think they did a great job in California updating their ride. Lost world was the last great Jurassic movie IMO ...... :creep:
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    T2:3D - Battle Across Time Memorial Thread

    Just as a reminder what this new show is up against if it wants to better its predecessor. Here's a great video of the very last show of T2 3D from attractions magazine. It's really neat to see the crowd really get into it and the emotion in the actors after the performance.
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    Volcano Bay Expansion?

    cool ride, but how is this the world's first launch water coaster? Is Krakatau not a launch water coaster???
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    Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure vs Early Park Admission

    I would keep your Royal Pacific reservation and go in early before the park opens to the general public, (if they are still doing it)! Its my favorite resort, and its very close to islands. Club level at RP there is the best of any onsite Lowes. I don't have any info however with regards to...
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    Are you counting the mysterious pathway by the tomorrow land themed building as leading to the 5th land? (Hopefully Star Trek) hahah probably star trek... its star trek jk
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    Wishful thinking on my part but I've been begging for a star trek attraction/land for years!