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  1. Coasted

    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    So will this be retrospectively changed on old films, for example old films newly streamed or newly released on Blu-ray?
  2. Coasted

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    Is the splash zone viewing area / photo opportunity still open? despite the construction wall in that photo...
  3. Coasted

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    Published 2-Jan. Next on Disney+
  4. Coasted

    Super Nintendo World (Osaka)

  5. Coasted

    Tron Lightcycle / Run (2021)

    Midway Mayhem;
  6. Coasted

    Tron Lightcycle / Run (2021)

    [Edited] BUDGET for Rivers of Light (budget cuts) Surely TESLA would have made more sense for this electronic vehicle ride. Perhaps Tesla is waiting for ’Tesla’s Test Track!’
  7. Coasted

    Ghostbusters (2020)

    This looks great. Am surprised. Fresh take as others have said. Reminds me of Bumblebee (based on the first trailer)
  8. Coasted

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority News

    Peoplemover in under 20 seconds...
  9. Coasted

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    This may already have been posted on here, but only has 8,000 views, so may be not
  10. Coasted

    Ice Breaker (Opening 2020)

    Beyond vertical spike!
  11. Coasted

    Blizzard Beach Expansion?

    Some VB funnels maybe?
  12. Coasted

    Ice Breaker (Opening 2020)

    ThemeParkStop as great as always;
  13. Coasted

    Joker (2019)

    I have not seen, but $1Billion of others have; Joker becomes first R-rated film to make $1bn at global box office Joker becomes first R-rated film to make $1bn at global box office - BBC News
  14. Coasted

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    Disney bets the House of Mouse on streaming - BBC News
  15. Coasted

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade (Orlando): Part 2

    From memory, I ‘think’ the paper maps are double sided ie USF on one side and USH on the other.
  16. Coasted

    Ice Breaker (Opening 2020)

    Update from Midway Mayhem;
  17. Coasted

    Favorite Photo Spots

    Typhoon Lagoon entrance walkway, elevated area. Standing next to the telescopes overlooking the wave pool, Miss Tilly in the far background Oops missed that this was in a UOR thread; Hulk from the deserted beach on the opposite shore in Suess / Lost Continent
  18. Coasted

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    UK first time I have seen a supermarket selling a digital download ie on a cardboard stand / point of sale, without DVDs Blu-rays. Do you do this in the US?