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  1. SailwiththeTide

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DL)

    Reservation system opens when park opens. Weekends it is usually 8:00 for DL. Weekdays like today they opened at 9:00 so I suspect the reservations did not start until 9:00. You need to link your group to 1 app. You cannot ride it twice in one day. If you don't link your group then you can...
  2. SailwiththeTide

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    Same Tiki Mug they sell in USH at Isla Nu-Bar - some of them were branded Jurassic World while others were not. I think I have both. I bought a ton of those waiting for JW world to open.
  3. SailwiththeTide

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DL)

    I suspect it will be pretty busy. Saturday we parked by 7 and were in the park by 7:45. The lines were backed up to DCA but then they opened more gates. I thought we cut it pretty close but getting there super early has no advantage. I’ll be there about the same time tomorrow ready to roll...
  4. SailwiththeTide

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DL)

    Boarding groups were gone in less than a minute today. I got 76 which was in the early numbers of reserves boarding groups. When I tried to get a group my first try it said they were all distributed but I refreshed a few times and got one. My group was called at 3:50 PM. They were on 90 when...
  5. SailwiththeTide

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    Name one I dare you.
  6. SailwiththeTide

    2022 Star Wars Movie

    Next star wars movie should be a Jar Jar origin story. Lucas writes it JJ directs it - What could go wrong?
  7. SailwiththeTide

    JAWS Remake

    I mean they did re-boot Jurassic Park. I wouldn't put it past the bean counters at Universal to do it. Spielberg can kill it but it is still possible in the movie world we live in today.
  8. SailwiththeTide

    Dolittle Themed Land?

    I think @ILoveOrlando7251 is trolling us. Talking about a Dolittle theme land and also in another thread talking about re-doing the Mummy with the failed Tom Cruise movie. HMMM
  9. SailwiththeTide

    Super Nintendo World (Osaka)

    DK is vapor ware. Japan is not building it and lets see if it stays at EU.
  10. SailwiththeTide

    Super Nintendo World (Osaka)

    We get pets so not too bad of a compromise.
  11. SailwiththeTide

    Super Nintendo World (Osaka)

    Japan is in the future
  12. SailwiththeTide

    Disneyland Resort

    $ for $ Six Flags pass is the best value. Sure I am more of a coaster enthusiast and Magic Mountain delivers a lot of good coasters plus 20 - 50 % off depending on your pass. Can't go wrong. My Disney pass is the worst value but Disney is Disney and the family loves it.
  13. SailwiththeTide

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hollywood

    Sure things are not 100% perfect and we knew going in they were going to improve during the winter refurbishment but I think the JW transformation was a huge success. The area is better, Jurassic cafe is better and the ride has long lines. I think they did a good job. Upgrading an aging ride...
  14. SailwiththeTide

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Hoping to get some rides in next week. I'm not expecting much from the pitstop. Hopefully it's better.
  15. SailwiththeTide

    Mary Poppins Attraction - UK Pavilion

    That Frozen show is way too long.
  16. SailwiththeTide

    Peacock (Streaming Service)

    so Cringy. Hatching soon. meh.
  17. SailwiththeTide

    Disneyland Resort

    I can see parking increases coming. Universal has increased it twice already. Disney needs to keep up.
  18. SailwiththeTide

    General Discussion - Jurassic World: The Ride

    Nothing to predator cove I would think. But miracles can happen.
  19. SailwiththeTide

    Reviews & Media - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    In my opinion the backwards part of Everest is much more intense than hagrids.