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  1. Mr. EPCOT

    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    This makes it sound like there will be some sort of CityWalk and more than just the one hotel.
  2. Mr. EPCOT

    Universal Orlando August 1 Press Conference

    Decent images here: Universal Orlando Close Up | Universal Orlando Announces Universal's Epic Universe Theme Park
  3. Mr. EPCOT

    Universal Orlando August 1 Press Conference

    Watch Disney announce they're acquiring Comcast at 11 AM >:)
  4. Mr. EPCOT

    Universal Orlando August 1 Press Conference

    Putting my money on "Universal Fantastic Epimagic XL Park"
  5. Mr. EPCOT

    Attendance Tracker

    I don't know about others, but personally I don't expect prices to go down, I just hope the penny-pinching and mismanagement gets curbed. As insane as the prices seem sometimes, there's obviously the demand driving that, but you should be receiving the experience to match those prices.
  6. Mr. EPCOT

    New Aquatica Slide?

    I wouldn't be heartbroken to see them ditch one side of that crappy wave pool.
  7. Mr. EPCOT


    I thought the season was good. There certainly were plenty of standout moments. There are plot holes and inconsistencies galore but that's all besides the point, it's to get you to think about artificial intelligence, life, mortality, free will, etc., and the craftsmanship is top notch across...
  8. Mr. EPCOT

    Should Universal Parks be more Nostalgic?

    I think as a rule of thumb a truly great theme park has a balance of nostalgia and new. Universal leans too heavily on the new, Walt Disney World is the same with nostalgia. Disneyland was threading that needle perfectly for a while as they started introducing attractions based on Star Wars and...
  9. Mr. EPCOT

    The Condition of the Yeti AA

    It'd be nice if they closed it for a few months and took the opportunity to really plus up the whole attraction in addition to fixing the Yeti. Like installing some sets/effects in the backwards segment, for example.
  10. Mr. EPCOT

    Sunset Seasons Greetings - Holiday Projection Show

    Yeah, the holiday version of Star Tours is awesome. ;)
  11. Mr. EPCOT

    Indiana Jones Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios?

    Part of what makes the Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland such a next level experience is the context of Adventureland. You enter this temple through a camp tucked between the Jungle Cruise and the treehouse, and then you have to descend deeper and deeper into this temple. You’re immersed...
  12. Mr. EPCOT

    Indiana Jones Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios?

    This is probably one of the few things I wouldn't mind seeing Star Tours get axed for. If they leveled Epic, Backlot Express, and Star Tours and created a whole lush Indy land, I could be happy with that.
  13. Mr. EPCOT

    Indiana Jones Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios?

    I feel like if that were the case it'd be going to the Magic Kingdom.
  14. Mr. EPCOT

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween 2018 - New Experiences Added

    I would dial back the expectations from this being a Ghost Galaxy-level overlay. They'll probably switch the asteroid projection to a bedsheet ghost and the music to corny ghost "WOOO" sounds.
  15. Mr. EPCOT

    Disney Skyliner - Gondola Transportation System

    That's a good theory. I wonder if the decals they're going to wrap them with will reduce that, though.