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    HHN 29: Ghostbusters

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    Reviews & Media - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    Ugh thanks I’m tearing up again now. I love Hagrid so much!!!
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    Toy Story Land - General Discussion

    Finally got to visit TSL. A friend of mine has been with Slinky since before it opened (he did test and adjust), so I got to ride it twice in a row. It's fun, not anything like super special. I mean what does it say about a ride when your favorite part is when it rolls backward to simulate the...
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    Reviews & Media - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    I may be an overly emotional, empathic, flaming homosexual nerd, but I cried as soon as I got off this ride. I've never cried after a ride ever. Shows yes. Rides no. So needless to say this is probably the most perfect ride I have ever been on ever.
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    HHN 29: Academy of Villains - Altered States

    I mean: (I didn't take this pic, my friend with me did)
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    HHN 29: Halloween Marathon of Mayhem

    I absolutely loved the hell out of this show. I don't think I stopped smiling the entire 10 minutes. Just gorgeous!
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    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Surprisingly, Wednesday this week was way more crowded than Thursday. But then again, when I got back to my AirBNB and got on Twitter I saw that basically every HHN/Dis Twitter person was there so maybe that was why? lol Had a lot of fun this year, but working early hours at my current job must...
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    HHN 29: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

    Maybe I had a bad run, but I basically forgot all about this house. It was alright tho.
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    HHN 29: Stranger Things

    Sadly, for the first time in my 7 trips that I didn't make it to all the houses, and this is the one I didn't get to. I chose GB for my first night, and for a Wednesday, this house had huge lines all night. Thursday, I did Springfield SNS, and by the time I made it back to the front after...
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    HHN 29: Yeti: Terror of the Yukon

    That was also one of my two favorite scares of the whole event this year. This house was super great! Loved the sets, the costumes, and got plenty of scares here as well. Also had a hearty laugh when
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    HHN 29: Graveyard Games

    Seriously amazing house! So well done. Had one of my two best scares from the whole event. Lots of other great scares in here as well, but that one was my favorite.
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    HHN 29: Nightingales: Blood Pit

    My UTH guide pointed her out to us. I liked this house a lot. Got a lot of good scares, but I went in too early cause I could barely see what was happening in the house. I loved the look of the "original"/ancient Nightingales.
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    HHN 29: Universal Monsters

    This was such a great house. The scares were great, especially when Quasi started yelling my friend's name telling him to stay with him (he's a local so Quasi was a friend of his obvi). Really well done!
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    HHN 29: Ghostbusters

    According to my UTH guide, the 3rd ghost in the containment unit scene, the one that isn't a Scolari brother, is supposed to be from the 2020 movie but may have been cut. Also, Venkman's(?) proton pack in the Slimer getting zapped scene is based on the design from the new movie as well. They...
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    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    yeah, the light saber thing looks (from video) like it's basically an Olivander rip off
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    Epcot Overhaul (General Discussion)

    Yes, it's closing at a later date, or so I read
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    So it'll only be a minute and a half?
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    IT: Chapter Two

    yes. there's a cameo.
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    IT: Chapter Two

    As a homosensual, I agree with the general point of this article about the movie: "It Chapter Two" Reckons with Stephen King’s Troubling Legacy of LGBTQ+ Representation | them.
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    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    BuT wE dOn'T jUdGe SuCcEeS bY lOnG lInEs