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  1. JoeCamel

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    So you're the one!
  2. JoeCamel

    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    I don't think I would do it after 20 years in Florida but you are used to the cold so go for it. If they can finish out the day it would seem the issues are in check for now.
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    General Discussion - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    Some coasters are airtime machines this is a smile machine.
  4. JoeCamel

    General Discussion - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    Look at @kyzman twitter for today, it has not been a good day....
  5. JoeCamel

    National Treasure 3

    Um, yeah. Guess Dis is collecting on the third movie they paid Cage for.
  6. JoeCamel

    Virgin Trains USA Station Coming to Walt Disney World?

    Well, the ocean you know....... :lmao::lmao:
  7. JoeCamel

    Survey 1/10/20

    Not sure, one option was send all you got and the next was weekly
  8. JoeCamel

    Survey 1/10/20

    Name of group is I would guess that is when the landing page was created.
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    Universal's Epic Universe Construction Thread

    Or the garage has some view but really not much to see yet.
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    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    Park opened at 7, yes one that has the others linked can click then add everyone but I would have a couple set up incase of a poor connection at the critical time and give yourselves a better chance of getting the group you want.
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    Forum Upgrade Downtime

    Like this? Thanks Brian
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    More Changes Coming to CityWalk?

    I would welcome this change, would it be a performance club? When I first came back to UoR about 10 years ago I stopped at CW concierge and said a comedy club would be perfect for one of the upstairs location. Somewhere in my dim memory of visits before that it seemed there was a club upstairs...
  13. JoeCamel

    Flamingo Crossings

    Ahh, if the walls had ears......The things they would hear....
  14. JoeCamel

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    I It has been 7 for a while and expected to be that or 8 for the next month.
  15. JoeCamel

    Survey 1/10/20

    Never got there but heavy emphasis on virtual rides and stationary vs ride mounted VR rides.
  16. JoeCamel

    Survey 1/10/20

    Unfortunatly but the expectation has gone beyond what can be created in the physical world so we are where we are.
  17. JoeCamel

    Survey 1/10/20

    Very interesting survey I just got with most questions asking about my expectations for the new park. Lots of screenzz questions but also some well thought out feedback about general expectations for theming and filler attractions. Sounds like we need to pack our VR and 3D eyewear for this one...
  18. JoeCamel

    More Changes Coming to CityWalk?

    I once ran into a couple that wanted to eat at Mel's because it served "american food"! They were from the midwest.....
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    Epcot Overhaul (General Discussion)

    Unfortunately many establishments choose to offer heaping portion in support of their prices. Not saying this happens with F&W (I know they are bites not meals but at meal prices) so I am referring to the outside world meaning the tourist places. Many times I would be happy with a half portion...