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    I still don't know if I believe that. Universal were the leaders of the few who opposed the project, specifically aligning themselves with the residents of the nearby Orange Tree neighborhood. The meeting where they spoke out against it was full of other companies, businesses and local residents...
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    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    Looks like they're officially making today's procedure the new normal for the near future: Virtual Queue at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Opens with Advertised Park Hours | Disney Parks Blog
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    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    From a user on Twitter - the leaflets they're handing out while waiting for the park to open now have information about Backup Boarding Groups - sounds like they'll be used if the all the initial boarding groups are called and there's still time left in the evening for additional capacity:
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    Unfortunately that won't work as you'll need to have actually tapped in at the turnstiles with your MDE linked admission before the app will allow you to make a reservation ;).
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    More Changes Coming to CityWalk?

    The address is 6000 Universal Blvd - it's a CityWalk permit. And what do you mean by it being a "2019 building"? Are you referring to the permit number? BLD2019-21773? That's just the sequential number assigned to this project by the City of Orlando permitting system.
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    More Changes Coming to CityWalk?

    It is! I guess the question is what 4 retail spaces are they going to be combining into one? Could it be the area of Fossil/Fresh Produce/PIQ?
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    To add a little more to this - those specific layers of the PDF are called 904_Gaming, so it sounds like "Gaming" is an additional codename for the Nintendo section.
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    Halloween Horror Nights 30 Speculation Thread

    No way there's enough room in that area of NY for a stage show on the scale of AoV - there's 3 house entrances, a house exit, the tribute store, Mummy and a scarezone all right there, so having anything longer than the occasional 3-5min "play" they've been doing the past couple of years...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    The last one :look:
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    Oh whoops, forgot to include the link. It's from Tuesday. There were a few other agreements filed that day too, but this was the only one that was interesting enough to mention: Disclaimer
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    There's another document that got published today which shows the perimeter landscaping they'll be putting in around the entire resort property. Like Happytycho said, this document is more about creating a visual barrier between the resort and its neighbors, but the Universal Blvd improvements...
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    Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit

    In the "valley". And yes, it was done on purpose. The ride broke down and a train was stuck in brake 1. The following train had already been dispatched and was ascending the lift, but since the train in brake 1 was stopped, the train on the lift also stopped. Most of the time the ride can just...
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    Universal's Epic Universe News & General Discussion

    A new construction bond was filed today for a whopping $82 million. The bond specifically says it's for Projects 960, 961, and 962. If anyone remembers this post from the old Universal Orlando expansion thread, I briefly discussed how the project numbers worked for the Beijing project...
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    T2:3D - Battle Across Time Memorial Thread

    To add, permits for the sign installation(s) were filed back on Sept 27th so it'll be interesting to see how soon they go up:
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    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    I'd imagine they'll say something before track starts going vertical. Just share a few basic details like they did when they announced the Dueling Dragons closure. Otherwise, it's going to be an awkward 6-8 months for Team Members who will inevitably get asked about the "new coaster over there"...
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    Universal Orlando Project Numbers

    It's not really a project, they just seem to be installing air curtains in most of the CityWalk stores/restaurants. Buildings with a 700 number are in CityWalk - the 6000 address is also a dead giveaway. There's been several permits over the last few weeks for air curtains at various different...
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    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    Tons and tons of forms for the foundations/footers for this ride are now staged behind The Simpson's Ride. They're clearly visible from the Universal Monsters haunted house line, but are technically backstage so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a photo? Either way, it shouldn't be long before...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Event won't be cancelled, and all the houses will still be open, but street actors will be pulled if it rains. It's also still a week out - I wouldn't put any stock into the weather forecast this early - it's just as likely it won't rain at all at this point.
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    Iron Gwazi (Opening 2020)

    I think the name/logo for Iron Gwazi is the result of competing ideas that just ended up being combined into one: "Purple track, new mythical creature" "Let's make it crocodile themed" "Let's honor the legacy of the previous ride by keeping the word Gwazi in the title" Instead of settling on...