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    Epcot Overhaul (General Discussion)

    My vote is for "Umbrella 2: Electric Boogaloo
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    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    When I quit skiing, I moved to Florida. And I hate when it gets cold in FL. Seriously, I had to put on long pants today.
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    Ice Breaker (Opening 2020)

    Did you get to keep the hard hat again like at Tigris?
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    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    Parks try to limit the amount of glass in the parks. That's why they don't sell beer in glass bottles. If it were at a table service restaurant, they could serve the drink in a glass tiki glass and then when you're done with the drink, they take away the dirty glass and give you a new glass that...
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    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    So if SLoP is the same ride system as Yoshi, thanks to the recent pics from Japan, we now know it is a traditional style Omnimover where there is no gap between cars and they all move at the same speed. We just don't know if these will rotate like Haunted Mansion or not. @Alicia said that the...
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    Virgin Trains USA Station Coming to Walt Disney World?

    Busch Gardens is a big nope. And no Universal either. But there could be a stop near the convention center, and that could service Universal. But it will probably follow the 417 taking it far from the convention center.
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    Super Nintendo World (Osaka)

    Do you think JAWS will become Diagon Alley...again?
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    SeaWorld Orlando's Future Plans

    A 4D coaster seems more of a Busch Gardens thing than SeaWorld. Not saying SW wouldn't do it. And it would definitely be an attendance driver. It would also push the boundaries for Orlando parks.
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    Super Nintendo World (Osaka)

    I was hearing mid June. They wanted training to start in early May. End of July was the "drop dead date".
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    Dolittle (2019 film)

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    Universal Studios Beijing Coming in 2021

    ThemeparX has posted all the concept art, blueprints, and descriptions for everything in Minion Land.
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    Kennywood Park

    A 10 loop S&S couldn't have been to value focused.
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    Kennywood Park

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    Middle Earth coming to UOR?

    I hope he has found peace. He didn't seem to be a very happy person.
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    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    This could be for 2022, if they are doing a good bit of theming.
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    Future of Shrek 4-D Orlando

    No one knows what they have planned for 2022. If they do something before EU, I would expect it to be a singular attraction like SLoP. So I wouldn't count it out.
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    The Bourne Stuntacular (Spring 2020)

    Everyone has been dogging this project because of the IP. I can't wait to read everyone's reaction after it opens. This show should be very WOW!
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    Dolittle (2019 film)

    I actually found one good review. But the headline of Vanity Fair's review cracked me up. "Dolittle: Well, It's Better Than Cats". And they say "As a...
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    Dolittle (2019 film)

    Same. Even though, kids really don't care if the film is bad as long as it has funny cute animals. A lot of kids movies are terrible, looking at you Alvin, so this movie could eek out a break even. Maybe. Probably not.
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    I'll see it. But I'll definitely wait to stream it.