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  1. Aardvark787

    Tokyo Disneyland Resort

    It will be interesting to see who gets the best boost this year from the Olympics - SNW is arguable the moire impressive and technologically advanced but with Disney and Beauty and the Beast coming to Tokyo compared to Osaka, being closer to the vast of the events might see them reek most of the...
  2. Aardvark787

    New Rideshare Pick Up/Drop Off Area for Universal Orlando

    Is this just for uber or all ridesharing services?
  3. Aardvark787

    The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Closing

    Ah okay, I am sorry - that makes more sense now
  4. Aardvark787

    Universal Orlando Resort to Epic Universe Transportation News & Speculation

    I was wondering, there has been a lot of conversation about getting between the two segments of the resort (which it seems shall be by a bus) but will there be any kind of other transportation option to get around the campus near EU. For example, in the current resort area, there are water...
  5. Aardvark787

    The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Closing

    Misread and deleted
  6. Aardvark787

    The Bourne Stuntacular (Spring 2020)

    Does anyone know if this show is going to have scheduled times or be on back to back?
  7. Aardvark787

    The Future of KidZone

    I would have to agree, the interactive wands are great for children (although they are extra) and there are the shows to enjoy as well. Diagon is not too bad as there is only one ride and there is do much to look at that the time it takes going on Gringotts can easily be taken up wandering...
  8. Aardvark787

    The Future of KidZone

    The thing with CITH is that it is not as inclusive as one may assume. To begin with, it does have a height requirement of 36 inches excluding the very young ones and some people over the height requirement don't like it due to it's spinning and it giving motion sickness. Although on a Universal...
  9. Aardvark787

    General Discussion - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    Sorry, did it on my phone, will change now.
  10. Aardvark787

    General Discussion - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    The Lockers are in two buildings just before the main entrance sign, so quite a distance from the main show building. You queue with all of your belongings until you get to the entrance sign where you are able to put your items in lockers, from there it is just like any other ride with lockers...
  11. Aardvark787

    Universal Orlando Resort to Epic Universe Transportation News & Speculation

    I believe he thought that the FB show building was a river so I think he was mistaken in what he was seeing. After having a look at Google Earth I just don't think there is space without having to nock some buildings down - it's also not financially viable. I don't think so - that system is...
  12. Aardvark787

    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    Could have an attraction in the expansion space between the Classic Monsters Area and the hotel as they are kind of linked but also not. I would be shocked if it was in the Classic Monsters area, to begin with. If they did use that space though I would expect you to enter it from the hub and it...
  13. Aardvark787

    Universal's Epic Universe Hotel Speculation

    I would believe that they would just build a garage above the area currently designated as a flat lot or they would just expand the flat lot. I would expect it to be a premium hotel like the hotel in the park (the one we see in the concept art) but I would expect higher prices. I expect the...
  14. Aardvark787

    Universal Orlando Resort to Epic Universe Transportation News & Speculation

    It would be cool but I just don't see it happening. Where would it go from and to, would it stop at all the hotels? It just seems a transportation nightmare. I don't see local business allowing the planning permission to pass. They will be angry enough that universal is running buses that...
  15. Aardvark787

    Universal Orlando Resort to Epic Universe Transportation News & Speculation

    A train to and from the Airport would be great and if it stopped near enough Epic Universe then Universal doesn't have to run any more buses. Like you say moving walkways would be great and then you could just get a bus from Epic to your hotel. I think at Epic they are going to have to build a...
  16. Aardvark787

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    What is the small clearing on the opposite side of the path and behind the Discovery Center for?
  17. Aardvark787

    T2:3D - Battle Across Time Memorial Thread

    I would be surprised if it is not open by the end of the year as they are making a lot of progress and by the looks of it, there is not much left to do. I think they have two options they either try and open it during HHN or they wait and open it just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas...
  18. Aardvark787

    The Future of KidZone

    It likely became part of a package as the whole park is themed to Nick IP's so was a better deal. A SpongeBob area would be nice in Kidzone but I would be more shocked with them doing it now as they own many popular kids IP's in both Illumination and Dreamworks. Is it possible they could make...
  19. Aardvark787

    The Future of KidZone

    I don't think ET is going anywhere just yet and I believe it will stay no matter what Kidzone becomes. Although a refurb would be nice I don't see it happening until after Kidzone gets changed to whatever new thing ends up coming to it. I would not be shocked if Kidzone ends up being a 2022 or...
  20. Aardvark787

    Volcano Bay Expansion?

    With many people predicting that a 2020 expansion is on the cards for Volcano Bay, what kind of slides do we hope to see? Personally, I think I mat racer slide would be very well suited, one because of the current weight issue with the current mat slides and two because it would add a racing...