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  1. Ash

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Construction Discussion

    I'm sorry if this has been answered but will some sort of flame effect come from the back of the coaster?
  2. Ash

    Music at Universal Studios

    Here's a playlist of some of the music played and on RRR at USF.
  3. Ash

    Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Construction Discussion

    IOA isn't even the best park at Universal Orlando Resort let alone Orlando!
  4. Ash

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - Reviews, Photos, & Videos

    In the last F&F they drink Bud!!!
  5. Ash

    VB Horror Stories

    We have a house in Davenport that we own so we stay there. I don't want wo pay for a hotel room just to get early entry really if I can help it. I was going to get reserved seating if that's still possible. I don't mind if I only do a few slides I just had visions of the lazy river looking like...
  6. Ash

    Pandora: World of Avatar General Discussion

    If the line is 60-90 minutes I'll be elated! Whenever I've been checking recently it's been 150 minutes +
  7. Ash

    Pandora: World of Avatar General Discussion

    I'm so P/O'd I was online the second we could get our FPs and all Fps for FOP were gone instantly... I guess they've given them all to hotel guests which seems a bit unfair! Guess ill have to brave the wait time but I keep checking the standby and its still pretty crazy!
  8. Ash

    VB Horror Stories

    All i've heard about VB so far has been horror stories and negatives... So much so I am supposed to be visiting VB in 3 weeks time and seeing as we haven't bought our tickets yet I'm seriously considering not bothering! Do you think the crowds and waits will fall dramatically enough in such a...
  9. Ash

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    USH didn't not get Spiderman because "there wasn't room" it didn't get Spidey because Universal don't have the rights to use Marvel on the West Coast.
  10. Ash

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    It'll smell like baby oil.
  11. Ash

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    *Cough* Water Theme Park *Cough* A people eater like disaster is fine for no IP or a an IP that suits this style. This ride system on Fast and Furious is a waste! The fact that this ride will not be fast or furious and you're on a bloody bus/tram is tantamount to them making a Jurassic Park...
  12. Ash

    Guardian's of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

    Whilst I am pleasantly surprised by how this ride turned out... they better not touch our tower!
  13. Ash

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    What are you talking about cookie-puss?
  14. Ash

    Fear Factor

    I like the fear factor show at USF, if I could handle eating anything gross I would totally volunteer but I would vomit eating sour milk and bugs.
  15. Ash

    Disney's Hollywood Studios Overhaul

    The Indy show was great but it has hardly changed in 25 years. I know not everyone has seen it before and its a people eater but I would LOVE to see it swapped for the DL Indy ride.
  16. Ash

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    2 questions, 1st Q: is that road a service road/staff only road or is that a regular road? If its regular will people be able to see that much of SWL from the road and will guests inside not hear the cars? 2nd Q: What are DL doing with Star Tours when SWL opens as they are in opposite ends of...
  17. Ash

    The State of Epcot

    I'm convinced this is going to be TRON rather than GOTG.... I'm going to throw a spanner in the works and predict RnRC becomes Guardians! Also, I understand the Epcot park isn't Walt's vision of Epcot but WDW as a whole (it's infrastructure etc...) is kinda close to Walt's Epcot.
  18. Ash

    Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining

    I do wonder if this is BS in some weird publicity stunt type way... remember the weird beef he had with Vin Diesel about a year ago that may or may not have been made up to promote fast 8?
  19. Ash

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    Anyone notice in F8 they no longer drink corona and seem to have swithced to bud and bud light. I thought this area would be full of corona and coron-ritas i guess not... what beers do the parks already sell? Bud?