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    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hollywood

    Im hearing rumors that Diagon Alley is in the works, replacing Waterworld but there has to be more to it, maybe just have that area be Diagon Alley the land and have Gringotts towards the end with the queue between Universal Cinema and Forbidden Journey leading up to a show building off the...
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    A Decade in Review: USH 2010-2019

    Finished the rest of the timeline, hope you all enjoy.
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    A Decade in Review: USH 2010-2019

    From 2000-2009, Universal Studios Hollywood suffered from a mish mash of strange and confusing additions to the park. Many attractions were forced into the parks with no real staying power and the people seemed to notice and stay away. I remember getting a free annual pass in the mail in the...
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    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    My pass expires feb 4th, hoping this will open before then.
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    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    Any rumblings about a soft opening? Fingers crossed for next month.
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    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    I really don’t see Parisian Street or the restaurants behind it being there within the next two to three years, the area kind of hides itself away from the park and with SLOP now, the area is too congested. I think they would want to open up the area more and have a more cohesive theming. I...
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    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    Is it wishful thinking to get this baby running in soft opening mode by early February?
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    Super Nintendo World (Hollywood)

    Any chance this is gonna open in 2021, ush hasn’t even gave an inch since it said Nintendo would be coming to the parks back in 2016.
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    Knott's Berry Farm

    Looks like they are celebrating in 2020. Per an email I received. “Get your Season Pass now at the Best Offer of the Year and enjoy unlimited visits throughout 2020! Experience all the thrilling roller coasters only Knott's Berry Farm has to offer including HangTime, GhostRider...
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    General Discussion - Jurassic World: The Ride

    It’s still temp closed, at what time did it go down?
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    does anyone have pictures or video of this area, is it any different than it was before?
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    Revenge of the Mummy (USH)

    The way I see it, in 2 years if Nintendo land opens, the lower lot will be compromised of small lands, Jurassic World, Nintendo, and random Transformers and Mummy. Obviously Transformers is not going anywhere but Mummy could be on the chopping block. Why not make a new ride in Mummy themed to...
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    Updating USH's Attraction Line-Up

    It’s not difficult to update shows every now and then and I am very glad about Jurassic World, Pets and Nintendo, I do like what they have done. Many people on the forums have expressed criticisms towards Walking dead, Supercharged, Despicable Me, Mummy and Simpsons so that’s nothing new.
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    Updating USH's Attraction Line-Up

    Personally I find that a lot of USH’s attractions need an update or a new ride all together. Having the pass for a couple of years has made some of these attractions feel lackluster and stale and not very enjoyable. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: this ride to me is an easy pass, the screen is...
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    Dreamworks Theatre with Kung Fu Panda - Coming 2018

    There’s only 3 props in the glass casing, it wouldn’t be difficult to change it out at all. Everything else is just a screen.
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    Is the Simpsons ride in HD, I remember there was a report but no one ever really confirmed it, just wondering.
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    Walking Dead Attraction: Stay or Go?

    From ushwaittimes, it seems this attraction is no longer open most of the day, yesterday I saw that it open in different increments, for example 45 minutes open and then a break in a constant cycle. Time to take this tired attraction out.
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    Jurassic World: The Ride Construction Thread

    Geez we are already coming up on May and still no opening date announcement, this is looking like an August opening.
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    USH Price Increase!

    Anybody know what pass ID number for the AAA Neighbor pass is to check the blackout dates? I know the regular Neighbor pass is 2019H, is it the same or different, last year I got the AAA one and it was different and had more available dates.