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    Universal Orlando Resort Expansion (Part 1)

    I think spread I would think the new gate would be: 25% Nintendo (Mushroom Kingdom 10%, Donkey Kong Country 7.5%, Hyrule 7.5%) 20% DreamWorks (Shrek, HTTYD, KFP, Madagascar, Trolls and Croods in a Fantasyland type village) 12.5% Middle Earth 12.5% Transylvania 10% original land 15% expansion...
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    Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

    But how many Hello Kitty attractions can you add in such a sizable chunk of land? They'd be better off building a Hello Kitty mini-land (Fantasyland-style dark ride, flat ride, shop, sweets store) and then building more intricate areas for Curious George and Woody Woodpecker (each getting a...
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    Universal Orlando Resort Expansion (Part 1)

    The 3rd gate could do well with this kind of lineup: -Entry plaza -Middle Earth (2 E-tickets, 1 C-ticket, 1 B-ticket) -Mushroom Kingdom (Mario Kart E-ticket dark ride, Donkey Kong D-ticket coaster, Diddy Kong C-ticket water play area, Yoshi C-ticket dark ride, WarioWare B-ticket flat ride like...
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    Hello Kitty Expansion Rumors

    Something like Storybook Canals, Sinbad at TDS or IASW themed to Hello Kitty could be a fun addition for families. I think they might need to add something a tad more adventurous for a 5-8 minute ride, though. It could be worse than a Hello Kitty mini-land, though. Universal might decide to...
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    Hello Kitty Expansion Rumors

    I think Japan as a Springfield and MIB/Springfield expansion pad replacement/addition would work, but an entire Hello Kitty area with an E-ticket, flat ride and several dining locations (can't see the FFB/Duff area being removed entirely given the revenue they bring in?) would be overkill IMO...
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    2017 Holidays at Universal - New Wizarding World Holidays

    There's a lot of potential for a Universal parade with one float per IP. Despicable Me Secret Life of Pets Sing Madagascar How to Train Your Dragon Kung Fu Panda Trolls Shrek The Simpsons Transformers Classic Hollywood (Marilyn, Lucy, Chaplin, etc.) Back to the Future Classic Monsters E.T...
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    Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

    Since Mario, Donkey Kong and Yoshi are each getting a major attraction, it makes sense to add 2 smaller attractions as compliments to the 2 Es and 1 D already slated for SNW. Some cool combinations: WarioWare flat ride and Captain Toad play area Luigi's Mansion Fantasyland-style dark ride and...
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    Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

    If they ever add Pokémon to one of the parks, playing the original Lavender Town music is a no-brainer during Halloween/nighttime. I imagine some of the younger fans may not like it, though :lol:
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    Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

    This is my favorite Epcot announcement from yesterday since it's essentially thematically sound, a people-eater and adds a ride to WS after a 33-year wait. It would be nice to hear about the UK soon, too.
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    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (DHS)

    This ride would be excellent if: A) it were the anchor for an classic animation area B) replacing Star Wars Launch Bay and the surrounding sections C) showed Mickey and Minnie journeying through various shorts to get to their movie premiere (Runaway Railway) - Plane Crazy/Steamboat Willie/The...
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    Pixar Pier (2018)

    I wouldn't mind some Pixar additions (flat rides in the Maliboomer's old spot and helix of Screamin'), but retheming the whole land is ridiculous. California Screamin' wouldn't fit in a Pixar-themed land at all since it has a 48" height requirement and would look intimidating to a lot of Pixar's...
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    Tron Lightcycle / Run (2021)

    While it's great a new E-ticket is being added to Tomorrowland, the timeline and lack of news on the overall TL revamp is frustrating. Since MK's Space Mt is reportedly falling apart at the seams, according to mechanics, engineers and insiders, why the four-year timeline on TRON? If it's a...
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    Tomorrowland re-do?

    Whatever they bulldoze the Speedway for, TDO would do well to leave an opening for future expansion behind the Speedway and Space Mountain. I'd rather see TRON go in the space behind Speedway/Space and see the Speedway used for either something like Discovery Bay or Wonderland/Neverland...
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    Future of Dragon Challenge?

    IOA could eventually get up to 15 indoor attractions (20-30 years down the road): Spidey Doom replacement Enclosed Storm Force TL theater replacement Kong Mr. DNA Lab Tour (using rest of Trikes plot) Discovery Center (revamped) Forbidden Journey Ollivander's DC replacement(s) - a family dark...
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    Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

    <!--Can't find substitution for tag [blog.Disneyandmore]--> I found the concept art for the Super Nintendo World layout in Orlando to be fascinating. If we get all of that, SNW would surpass just about every version of Fantasyland except California's in quality/quantity. It would take a huge...
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios Overhaul

    For Animation Courtyard, the Mickey E-ticket and a new version of Toontown (C-ticket Fantasyland-style dark ride, unique flat ride, Mickey/Minnie M&G, kiddie coaster) could be the bridge between it and Sunset. I'm not too particular on what goes into Mermaid or Disney Junior. Love the Muppets...
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    Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

    As long as Universal has this ready in time for Star Wars Land and WDW's 50th, they'll be in good shape. They don't need to make any flashy announcements. I would like to know sooner rather than later if E.T. will close to be used in Super Nintendo World. Since some have said the three main...
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    The State of Epcot

    If it's TRON, I'd think it'd be too similar to Test Track's TRON-like aesthetic. Granted, a clone of the Shanghai coaster would likely be cheaper than the custom GotG indoor coaster concept, but it just sounds like it'd be redundant. As far as Future World, Muppet Labs, Inside Out, Big Hero 6...
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    MSHI Expansion?

    Sounds like the timeline for IOA might be: DC replacement - 2019 JP enhancements - 2020? Avengers/Iron Man E-ticket replacing Doom - 2021 Grinch E-ticket - 2021/2022 Could a nighttime show be added in the 2018-2020 period? It's been rumored for years now, but I'd like to think UC has been...
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    Seuss Landing Expansion Speculation

    I don't know why Universal would feel they absolutely have to wait until the film releases to greenlight a Grinch dark ride or family coaster. It's a beloved, timeless story and would easily become the biggest draw of Seuss Landing if they actually build a Mt. Crumpet on par with the detail...