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    HHN 29: Us

    I was pleasantly surprised by this house.
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    HHN 29: Depths of Fear

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    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Not sure if anyone answered this, but It really does feel like they have upped the gore and general "disturbing imagery" this year. You are also right about the profanity, between house of 1000 corpses and ghostbusters there is quite a bit of it. I honestly just hope it doesn't get complained...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 29 (UO): Reviews & Photos

    These thoughts are only from opening night and will be brief because I only did them once, once i get through them more than that I will have more to say. I did not get to do Stranger Things because I got to the event late and kind walked around for almost 2 hours before starting to hit houses...
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    HHN 29: House Count

    Nights:1 Houses: Ghostbusters: 1 Stranger Things: 0 Us: 1 Yeti: 1 Killer Klownz: 1 Universal Monsters: 1 Graveyard Games: 1 Nightingales: 1 Depths of Fear: 1 House of 1000 Corpses: 1 Shows: Academy of Villains - Altered States: 0 Marathon of Mayhem: 0
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    HHN 29: Most Anticipated House

    :grin: Like I said, my hype for these houses are so close it's not even funny. I was actually getting annoyed at how many people I saw trash talking Us because I really liked the movie and think it has potential to be really good and I still put it at 10.
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    Howl-O-Scream 2019

    I agree so much. My first year was 2007 and I remember feeling like the event was at least as good as hhn when I went that year and I felt like it was definitely 100 percent scarier than hhn. The house line up was fantastic. I loved After Hours, The Hunted, Taste of Blood, and that biker house...
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    HHN 29: Most Anticipated House

    This is exactly how I feel about this house. I'm borderline obsessed with the old school haunted house feel and I can't wait to get into this one. It's not my number one most anticipated because of ghostbusters being one of my favorite movies of all time and me always really being hyped for the...
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    Convincing parent to come with to HHN

    I'm always cautious with who I bring to HHN. I once brought a friend who I thought would be fine. She loved horror movies and most of our time hanging out together was watching horror movies and such. SO I thought it would be perfect to go to HHN together. When we got there she could not handle...
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    Currently Playing...

    This was my first soulsborne game too! I fell in love with it and have played them all multiple times over now. I hope you end up loving it as much as I did!
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    HHN 29: When are You Going?

    I'll be there every night opening weekend and then a spattering of nights throughout the event.
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    Currently Playing...

    Do you think 8.2 is worth coming back for? I stopped playing like a month before it dropped. I have been playing Dragon Quest XI recently along with some Dota underlords and Teamfight Tactics. I'm really enjoying Dragon Quest. I went a long run where all i played were competitive multiplayer...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 28 (UO): Reviews & Photos

    I saw AoV tonight and really enjoyed it. It was really nice to see them on that stage and really go all out. I would definitely recommend seeing the show if you are into it. Also went through Halloween 4 again tonight and I think it is pretty good. Blumhouse felt a little better. Scary tales...
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    HHN 28: Seeds of Extinction

    I completely agree. I think the house was too bright and the scareactors were too easy to see. What was the single light source supposed to be?
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    HHN 28: Tips

    I would say poltergeist, dead exposure and seeds of extinction are definitely on the more intense side while halloween, stranger things, blumhouse, and trick r treat are on the less intense sides. Scary tales, carnival graveyard, slaughter sinema are somewhere in between. This is just from my...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 28 General Discussion

    Does anyone know what time they cut off Stranger things last night? I went through around 1:20am I believe. The line for stranger things was crazy all night. When I was exciting the house the line was still mostly full.
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    Halloween Horror Nights 28 (UO): Reviews & Photos

    So I got to sleep on the event last night and put a little more thought into all the houses and such. I fell like overall this is going to shape up to be an amazing year. With it being opening night and the actors and such still getting into the groove of things, I'm not too hard on any of the...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 28 (UO): Reviews & Photos

    Got through all the houses tonight. I'm overall pretty happy with this year. I will write more of my thoughts tomorrow because I am exhausted. I will say poltergeist was a standout and was my favorite house tonight.
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    Halloween Horror Nights 28 General Discussion

    The exits merge right by the entrance of trick r treat and then both exit through the ET side.
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    HHN 28: House Count

    Nights:2 Houses: Stranger Things: 1 Poltergeist: 1 Blumhouse vol. 2: 2 Halloween 4: 2 Trick 'r Treat: 1 ScaryTales 3: 2 Dead Exposure 2: 1 Slaughter Sinema: 2 Seeds of Extinction: 1 Carnival Graveyard: 1 Shows: Academy of Villains: 1