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  1. UNIrd

    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    I forgot how enjoyable the music was in this movie.
  2. UNIrd

    Halloween Horror Nights 30 Speculation Thread

    Pie.. Pi.. Darren Aronofsky directed.. Aronofsky also directed Requiem For A Dream.. Requiem For A Dream house confirmed. Truly terrifying.
  3. UNIrd

    Universal Endless Summer Resort - Surfside and Dockside Inn & Suites

    Anything special about Dockside in comparison to Surfside? Or is it largely more of the same?
  4. UNIrd

    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    Yup, which is why many are also opting for the Skyliner to Epcot. Regardless, it beats not knowing if the ride is opening with the park, being stuck in line, barely moving, hearing technical difficulty announcements, etc.
  5. UNIrd

    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    Yeah but um.. in the most ideal situation possible if you ask me. I'll wait riding other rides, watching shows, hell.. drinking around the world at Epcot then actually standing for hours on end for an unreliable ride experience like Hagrid's. I know some of you prefer to just wait. Trust me. You...
  6. UNIrd

    What does USF need the most before Epic Universe opens?

    We never even got new songs on Rip Ride Rockit after 10 years. :lol: They've done nothing to even keep even the screen attractions fresh except for removing the 3D off one. Not so much as even a holiday layover. And isn't this year the 30th Anniversary? Woof.
  7. UNIrd

    Disney+ (Streaming Service)

    I've been watching all the movies in order of release and average a Disney movie every other night. Currently on Swiss Family Robinson. Only 60 years to go!
  8. UNIrd

    What does USF need the most before Epic Universe opens?

    Psychoscarepy: CRAZYSexyCool
  9. UNIrd

    What does USF need the most before Epic Universe opens?

    Present day is my least favorite line-up of attractions USF has had since opening.It needs a lot of TLC in the entertainment department (and not just the TLC performing at Mardi Gras).
  10. UNIrd

    Hamilton: Live on Broadway (2021)

    I definitely did NOT catch the 2021 part of the announcement this morning. And even then I thought October seemed far for something like this. :lol:
  11. UNIrd

    F9 (Fast & Furious 9)

    Are trailers normally 4 minutes long? Or is this one just extra long?
  12. UNIrd

    More Changes Coming to CityWalk?

    It could be enough room for a fast casual concept..
  13. UNIrd

    Disneyland Hotel DVC Tower (Rumor)

    It's not a waste of land when DLR is your vacation destination. Right now, GCH is so far ahead as the best on-site option, while DLH is a distant 2nd and PPH is waaaaay after that in 3rd. This cancelled hotel really would have been a viable new option.
  14. UNIrd

    Disneyland Hotel DVC Tower (Rumor)

    This AND that other resort still needs to happen. I can't believe how few onsite rooms there are at DLR with the attendance it has.
  15. UNIrd

    Jurassic Park Expansion/New Coaster

    If this is accurate, that's really interesting. I don't know why I wasn't expecting inversions on this one as I for some reason thought they were going in a different direction with their attractions as of late. So... we basically lost 2 coasters to be replaced with 2 new coasters. Sure. Alright.
  16. UNIrd

    Nintendo Coming to Universal Parks

    If Universal can't even do the screenz right, I mean..
  17. UNIrd

    Hong Kong Disneyland to undergo a 1.4 Billion dollar Revitalization

    HKDL is a great little park and will soon be even better with these additions. I was honestly not all that impressed with Ocean Park, other than the animal exhibits. I was surprised it was so highly-rated but it didn't meet my expectations at all. Some fun little rides though, for sure.
  18. UNIrd

    New Project for Dinoland?

    And why is Primeval Whirl seasonal anyway when the park is busier than ever? Have we gotten any other excuse other than the obvious cost cutting?
  19. UNIrd

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DL)

    Isn't the difference between DHS and DLR that DLR gets double the attendance on a regular basis? And they're doing 8am openings whereas DHS was opening at 6am? I don't know. Those 2 hours weeds out a lot less serious folk. :lol:
  20. UNIrd

    Mary Poppins Attraction - UK Pavilion

    I don't see this NOT happening. I feel like with it's own segment in the preview center and quite a few additional mentions in other Disney publications other than the D23 announcement, there will definitely be some type of Mary Poppins "attraction." Just a matter of when.