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    I don’t expect this show to be bad. It’ll probably be the best nighttime spectacular in Orlando, but it won’t be Epcot.
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    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    With the Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away show closing, could we see the entertainment budget reallocated to the shows missing in Galaxy’s Edge?
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    Disney's Hollywood Studios Overhaul

    So we are about to have 3 E-Ticket level attractions open within 7 months of each other at DHS. You have to admit, aside from new park openings, this is unheard of. While DHS was so far behind that even with all of it it won’t feel ‘full’, they did truly overhaul this park the past 2 years.
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    Hamilton: Live on Broadway (2021)

    I think this was just for the announcement. I think we’ll notice closer to release that “20th Century Pictures by Disney” or something like that will become more prominent than simply “Disney.”
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    What does USF need the most before Epic Universe opens?

    For those stating the entrance plaza, can you be more specific. Are you referring to the entrance gates itself? As in they are too small for the crowds. Are you referring to the area between the gates and Hello Kitty/Shrek? As in it isn’t cohesive for a grand entrance into the park. Are you...
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    Well... they are dangerous. That’s why they feel they need to regulate them. A high speed long range flying object can hurt anyone in the hands of someone that doesn’t indie what they’re doing.
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    Iron Gwazi (Opening 2020)

    Random Q: Does anyone know what happen to Morrow? He was heading SeaWorld creative (Deep Blue something) for a while, but last I heard he left the company. He was also one of the more honest and open creatives I’ve seen.
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    You can’t fly them over populated areas, but that doesn’t mean they could fly around the land. Backstage could have nets along their path as well to maintain employee access.
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    That Darn Marvel Contract – What Rights Does Universal and Disney Own

    In the new UOR promo, the only scenes with legalize at the bottom are for those that include Marvel Superhero Island. It states “Universal’s Islands of Adventure. I wonder why. could it have something to do with the fact it’s the only brand also represented in another theme park...
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DL)

    DL is almost doubly popular when compared to DHS. Also, DL may not be running as smoothly as DHS.
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    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    Just to give some perspective to how convincing the Fin AA is, I thought it was a live look-a-like actor who was playing him. I didn’t even realize it was an AA till reading the forum the next day.
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    Sea World Abu Dubai (2022)

    Wait, this is still happening??
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    How Much Longer Does E.T. Adventure Have?

    Didn’t @Alicia find one? I feel like she’s mentioned it on Twitter.
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    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    I don’t think I would consider the Van Helsing concept as “shelved.” Wasn’t it a Disney project?
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    Tron Lightcycle / Run (2021)

    General rule of thumb is if it increases the guest accessible area when compared to before its construction, then capacity increases. The larger walkways, the addition of a ride queue, and new walkway leading to the entrance mean that the capacity will increase. I don’t know if it will be a...
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    Test Track 2.0

    I remember reading rumors about changes to the pre-show, but I don’t remember what.
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    Forum Upgrade Downtime

    It’s not on mobile.
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    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    You just need to get your first 3 for before noon, then get a 4th and 5th for for the rest of the day. Add a rope drop, and you’ve done 6 rides that day with minimal lines. I think that’s about equivalent to the old system.
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    Hotel Recommendations Near Universal

    This is more for convention goers, but Sonesta Es has a good free hot breakfast. Plus, they have suites and are across the street from I-Drive 360. Free shuttle to Universal as well.
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    Forum Upgrade Downtime

    I know on mobile at least there are arrows on the bottom right of the screen (they follow the scroll) that will allow you to jump to the top or bottom of the page. Does that help?