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  1. Cheezbat

    Universal Studios Beijing Coming in 2021

    Wait a they’re getting a Spider-Man style ride for the JW E- ticket and a clone of Transformers?
  2. Cheezbat

    Universal Studios Beijing Coming in 2021

    This is looking to be a pretty solid and complete park at opening.
  3. Cheezbat

    Disney's Hollywood Studios Overhaul

    What’s wrong with them? Water rides are some of the best ever! Jurassic Park Pirates of the Caribbean Splash Mountain Give me something on their levels at DHS, and that park will be in better shape.
  4. Cheezbat

    New Project for Dinoland?

    Everybody always forgets when Chester and Hester’s was added...right when the company was at its worst: cheap cheap cheap...California Adventure and Walt Disney Studios Paris were being built...also on the cheap. Cheap was the company’s go-to at that time, which is why the design of this area...
  5. Cheezbat

    What's next for Busch Gardens Tampa??

    Never say never...
  6. Cheezbat

    Future of Animal Kingdom?

    No. Even the great Imagineer Joe Rohde will tell you no animals with pants...except the Fab 5. They do not belong in DAK. Zootopia would fit best in Hollywood Studios....Magic Kingdom second.
  7. Cheezbat

    SeaWorld Orlando's Future Plans

    and a good $38 million well spent. By far my favorite trackless dark ride to this day of the ones I’ve ridden. (Yes, I’ve ridden Rise of the Resistance) it’s fun, different things happen, and animatronics and ‘enchanted’ stuff all over the place! Sea World could definitely go back and re-theme...
  8. Cheezbat

    What's next for Busch Gardens Tampa??

    Oh I know. I was just stating the irony it would be to get a clone of a ride down the road at one of their other parks...and that at least THAT ride as a clone would be worth it. The whole reason they don’t build rides of the same type (B&M flyer, B&M invert, etc) is because they want people to...
  9. Cheezbat

    What's next for Busch Gardens Tampa??

    Don’t want it. I’d rather have a clone of Mako before that.
  10. Cheezbat

    Future of Toon Lagoon

    There aren’t too many water rides. In Florida they’re very welcome. The problem is, there aren’t enough rides in total. The park needs about 6-8 more to really get it up there. Another coaster or two, another walkthrough, a big show, a smaller show, 2-3 smaller scale rides, and 2 more big E’s...
  11. Cheezbat

    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    Agreed. What a waste of our time!
  12. Cheezbat

    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    Even as early as I got here and as close to the front of the line, I ended up at boarding group 45. People passed from way behind me had group 13!!
  13. Cheezbat

    Rise of the Resistance - Boarding Passes/Uptimes (DHS)

    Which kills me... Today is my fourth attempt to ride this dang attraction...(nope...haven’t made it yet...0 for 3)I got here before 5am...the people in line around me are pretty irritated by the notion that it doesn’t matter how early we all showed up...that those that came at 6:45 have just as...
  14. Cheezbat

    Blizzard Beach Expansion?

    Boo. Two years straight of them messing with us with new slide pieces and Proslide mentioning doing projects for Blizzard... And Blizzard Beach turns 25 soon...still no new rides. What a complete joke.
  15. Cheezbat

    What's next for Busch Gardens Tampa??

    I’ve heard nothing but bad stuff about these rides. Unreliable with lots of down time, horrible capacity, and painful to many riders. Even my friends that have ridden these did not like them. Don’t waste your time with this Busch!
  16. Cheezbat

    Reviews & Media - Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

    Sad things weren’t working for you. Still think this is leagues better than Flight of Passage.
  17. Cheezbat

    Volcano Bay Expansion?

    Yep I downgraded. If they give you any problems, go to guest services. They’ll work it out.
  18. Cheezbat

    Volcano Bay Expansion?

    Because new brings people back. I was a 3 park pass holder with Universal up until this year. I’m a huge water park guy and while I’ve done VB now, they need something to get me to come back. Mako brought me back to Sea World. Hagrids solidified my decision to renew my Universal pass. Rat and...
  19. Cheezbat

    What's next for Busch Gardens Tampa??

    Agreed. Such a shame that Busch has gotten rid of their two most ambitious attractions...Rhino Rally and Curse of Darkastle. The parks could use more of these types of attractions.
  20. Cheezbat

    Fast & Furious: Supercharged - General Discussion

    Absolutely nothing in the theme park world. Mummy back in 2004 cost double that...