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    Renting a condo?

    I've heard good comments for
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    HHN 25: Ticket, RIP Tours, and Pass Information

    As a general rule of thumb, look at the scale-price of an Express pass for any given night for an idea of how busy they expect it to be. Higher the cost for Express, the bigger the crowd they're expecting. Last few years since I've had to give up the FFP game and only go once or twice, I...
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    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    Exactly right. Although they both want nothing more than to be on top creatively, ultimately they're symbiotic. More people traveling to Orlando, for ANY reason, benefits them both --- and they both are smart enough to know it. Again though, the struggle between the two for bragging rights...
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    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

    Disney Vacation Club is ever-expanding, they can barely seem to build new options fast enough and demand doesn't seem to be drying up. I don't think anyone is concerned that families are going to be canceling plans to come to WDW any time soon. DVC guests are all in, no matter what. And...
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    An American Werewolf in London

    I honestly would be all for setting side 1 of 9 houses every year just to recreating a past house, as faithfully as possible to the original. Maybe it's the nostalgia kicking in with my advanced age :), but I'd find it quite a trip to revisit an old haunt, so to speak. And if it happens to be...
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    Asylum in Wonderland 3D

    Characters aside, the Asylum scarezone in 2008 was essentially just basic large truss grid with lighting effects. The characters were pretty fantastic though, so pretty stoked here to see them get a full set to work with. The Alice scene in Scary Tales that year always comes to mind.
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    Body Collectors: Recollections

    Personally I love the idea of mash-up / crossovers of some of the original content houses. Almost gives HHN it's own in-universe canon vibe --- a universe where the Gentlemen now roam the shadows of Shadybrook, while the kids from the Skoolhouse are outside tossing rocks at the windows on their...
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    Official Orlando United Opening Night Meet-up (9/19)

    Man oh man, do I miss the days of making it to these things without a doubt. :) Good, good times. Have only been making it once a year for the last couple years. Not sure where that one night is landing this year, but maybe the stars can align... Miss you kids!!
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    Hi there folks. Not new to OU, but I ain't posted 'round these here parts in quite a while so just checking in. Lurking around from time to time, but sadly life has been too busy to follow it all like the old days. :( Glad to see the community still rolling strong though, and the new...
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    I almost got smacked in the face by a fence Thursday night. No big deal, I don't get my panties in a bunch over such, but this zone is more of an annoyance than anything else. Even when you're "cut off", its just like "okay, I'll step to the left 4 feet and go around it". You don't feel...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 21 Reviews & Photos

    It took my 4th run before I saw it. Pretty sweet, but definitely all about timing. You can hear the counter getting close if it's about to happen. While standing in line for the house, if you watch the interior ceiling of the house (you can see through the gap of the roof and the walls)...
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    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

    I liked the set a lot, but I just wasn't feeling the show itself. At all. I don't think I even cracked a chuckle. Could have just been bad timing for me, but I really don't feel compelled to see it again this year. Not to be Negative Nancy, just like.... my opinion, man. Just to leave...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 21 Reviews & Photos

    Without having much time to go into detail at the moment, I can definitely say after only one night that this year's event is easily the best since 2008 (in my opinion) --- and could surpass that easily with some more run-throughs. The biggest difference to me over the last couple of years is...
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    Halloween Horror Nights 21: Your Luck Has Run Out

    The best bet for making it through a house alone is on a slower night and hop in line just before the park closes. We went through Psychoscareapy last year alone like this, and the cast went nuts on us. It was great. Twice they blocked the path and surrounded us. Definitely changes the...
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    Star Wars Celebration VI

    Inevitable, I'm sure. I would expect pretty much the same exact line-up as the Last Tour to Endor, except replaced by the fact that thousands of SW fans will be in Orlando for the first time since Star Tours 3D opened.
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    Star Tours 3D

    I thought some may be interested in this: There's a podcast of all-things-Star-Wars called the 'ForceCast', and on their most recent episode (see link below) they interview Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, the guy most responsible for bringing Disney and Lucas together from the inception of Star...
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    Star Tours 3D

    Vader's reaction to Haunted Mansion, FTW:
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    Star Wars Celebration VI

    Yeah, I've seen a good deal of griping regarding the proximity to Dragoncon. But I've also seen a few say they're gonna hit them back-to-back (isn't Dcon the weekend before or after?) I've also seen some (not a majority, just a really whiny bunch) claiming they won't come because August in...
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    Star Wars Celebration VI

    Good form, sir. Nothing cooler than a Billy Dee Tee.
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    Star Wars Celebration VI

    Celebration V was an absolute amazing 4 days. Do not hesitate on this, even if you're a casual fan. Now waiting for the inevitable Disney special event tie-in....