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  1. JunoSynth

    Drawn To Life - New Disney/Cirque Show

    Got an email for tickets. Sounds like it might be a good show! Cirque du Soleil and Disney Drawn to life | Cirque du Soleil
  2. JunoSynth

    Ghostbusters (2020)

    Exactly how I feel. I was like hey this looks exactly like Stranger Things! It even has the same kid!
  3. JunoSynth

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (DHS)

    Sounds like a very promising ride! Even though I don't care for the new movies I will definitely give this ride a chance and give it the credit it deserves if it lives up to what I'm hearing!
  4. JunoSynth

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I think I recall hearing George say the movies were told from their point of view actually.
  5. JunoSynth

    Best Horror Nights Year Ever

    It's all subjective. I've been going since 14 but I can say 18, 28 and 29 are my favorite overall years out of all of them. Those 3 years just had to most content I enjoyed.
  6. JunoSynth

    Nintendo Switch

    Mario kart 8 Killer Queen Black - If you like MOBA games but want a fast paced arcade/joust version of it. I love this game and been playing the hell out of it lately. Thimbleweed Park - If you like the old "Maniac Mansion" style games then I would highly suggest this one. Other games to...
  7. JunoSynth

    Halloween Horror Nights 30 Speculation Thread

    Yep. It was one of my all time favorite houses. I can remember a few rooms. You started off at the back of the meat shop in the employees locker room. I remember some hallway with samples of their BBQ/Food that looked nasty. Also there was a girl locked in a cage room. There was also a room...
  8. JunoSynth

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Well I thought this year was awesome as far as houses are concerned and that's all that matters to me.:grin:
  9. JunoSynth

    Currently Playing...

    The Physical Copy is sold out at every store near me! Game must be pretty good!
  10. JunoSynth

    Top 25 HHN Haunted Houses

    Updated list after this year. Seems Universal has been knocking it out of the park for the past 2 years on houses. It's like a new "Golden Years" has arrived. 1. Slaughter Sinema (2018) 2. Ghost Town (2004) 3. Leave it to Cleaver (2009) 4. Carnival Graveyard (2018) 5. Graveyard Games...
  11. JunoSynth

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Sweet. I will book during this week next year and see how it goes! The only thing that concerns me is the Hurricane frequency during that time vs Late Oct.
  12. JunoSynth

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    Wait. So are you saying the best time to go to get the optimal experience is to go in September? The reason I ask is because I always go the last few weeks of OCT. If the best experience is during Sept. then maybe I should reconsider the times I go each year.
  13. JunoSynth

    Volcano Bay: General Discussion

    The 3 fast slides on the top of the Volcano and the Fast river makes it worth the price of admission. Trust me. And if you don't mind riding with a few strangers for the other rides then you will have a blast on them too! I go alone all the time and it's not a problem.
  14. JunoSynth

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    You didn't miss much. At least for The Thing: Assimilation. I didn't attend 21 for "The Thing" The one scene in Silver Screams was better than that whole house. MacReady was there in the dog pen warning you. It was cool! I understand the GP doesn't see things the same way but I'm a huge fan...
  15. JunoSynth

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    That's awesome man! Yep Express is the way to go! Man I cannot wait to go this year! I'm going to be there for 2 weeks for the first time so I can really take my time with things while there.
  16. JunoSynth

    Joker (2019)

    Saw it yesterday and this movie was amazing! It's kind of like a Breaking Bad for the Joker in that you get to watch the character transform over time. I loved it and highly recommend people to see it! I forgot to add that this is a very nice looking film. Also I rarely see movies twice in the...
  17. JunoSynth

    Halloween Horror Nights 29 General Discussion

    I wouldn't worry about it. I don't live in Orlando so I cannot speak for every night but I've been going there for many years and I never seen it rain so bad at HHN that it ruins your experience. It usually lasted only like 30 mins and the rest of the night was clear.
  18. JunoSynth

    Cabana Bay Beach Resort

    You know I've been there 2 times and I still haven't used their lazy river. Well this time I'm going to make sure I try it out on a non-HHN night.