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    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    You're right, the F4 needs the MCU at this point. The MCU doesn't necessarily need the F4, but it could really use some of the characters that go with those rights like Galactus, Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, etc.
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    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    None of those IPs, except Avatar, are tent pole blockbuster ones though. An Alien movie came out this year and didn't exactly set the world on fire, they're solid franchises but Universal can create new IPs that can draw as much as an Alien film could at this point. I'd prefer they go creative...
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    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    Honestly, most of the franchises FOX has are not all that valuable IMO. Avatar is huge, but nobody knows if it's franchise material yet. The Marvel properties are big, but only for Disney. Fans don't want a Universal made X-Men or Fantastic Four movie, those IPs just hold more value to Disney...
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    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    Comcast doesn't have enough reasons to get this done compared to Disney. I don't see it being worth 60+ billion and giving up stock for Comcast to get Hulu and some IPs. Disney wants it more, and I'm pretty sure they'll get it done.
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    Disney/FOX Acquisition Thread

    As a Marvel fan, I want Disney to get this deal done so the MCU can be complete. It would create more of a monopoly on the film industry, but Disney isn't putting a gun to Murdoch's head to get this done. As for the theme parks, does anyone have more in depth details on how this could effect...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

    I'm very interested in hearing more about this, hopefully this is an incredible new experience and not a cheap money maker featuring a big growing franchise.
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    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (DHS)

    I don't think DHS has a real theme anymore. It's just the park of random ideas.
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    Guardian's of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

    They only don't control Spider-Man rights when it comes to film. Marvel and Disney has full control over anything else, including merchandise.
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    Race Through NY Starring Jimmy Fallon

    The CGI is no doubt beautiful on this ride and possibly the best Universal has done, but the attraction still stinks. It doesn't add anything new to the park at all, and is literally a clone of a ride that sits right next to it. Twister needed to be replaced, but I get the feel that this...
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    Race Through NY Starring Jimmy Fallon

    Finally rode this today and for the first time I'm going to say....I'm disappointed in Universal. This is literally the same ride as Minion Mayhem. What's ridiculous is the two rides are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!! I like the queue and the idea behind it though, good idea by Universal too bad...
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    Roboasis/Coke Refurb Project

    It took them that long to build a freestyle station? lol Universal doing their best Disney impression.
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    Artegon Site for New Theme Park?

    It's marketed as a marketplace rather than a mall. I like it, instead of high dollar "fashion" for dummies it's a nice little mix of culture and business. Nobody will call it world class, but I enjoy spending time there once in a while. I don't think we need another theme park in that space and...
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    Artegon Site for New Theme Park?

    I hope this isn't true. I love Artegon, was there earlier today actually. It's a pretty unique and quant place with lots of cool stuff to do and see. Orlando doesn't need a rinky dink crap theme park that won't really compete with Universal and Disney.
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    Skull Island: Reign of Kong - Reviews, Photos, and Videos

    I've heard a lot of people complain that the ride is too short, but isn't it the one of the longest if not the longest in the whole resort time wise?
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    Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurb

    The lack of characters in the queue tells me that Universal may not have had the freedom they hoped to use with them.
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    Incredible Hulk Coaster Refurb

    I rode it today, single rider line so I didn't see most of the queue but the ride was so damn good. So happy to have the Hulk roaring back at IOA.
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    Walking Dead attraction at USF?

    I'm on board with a TWD walk through attraction replacing T2 for multiple reasons. 1.Instead of getting rehashed crap at HHN, a more permanent attraction with AAs and a bigger budget? I'll take that. 2.Its something different. Universal doesn't have much to offer for walk through attractions...
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    Future of Toon Lagoon

    Pokemon has remained a popular franchise for two decades, while SLoP is a good movie it hasn't shown to be anywhere near as popular. If anything, expect Pokemon to remain popular (the hype will go down no doubt after GO fizzles, but it will remain popular) and SLoP to be just another good kids'...
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    Mako - 2016 SeaWorld Coaster

    This ride is amazing, props to SeaWorld.
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    Skull Island: Reign of Kong - General Discussion

    Exactly, people looking into vague statements like that too much is not worthy of backlash. If Universal flat out states it's open but won't let guests on that is one thing...