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  1. Moose84

    Peacock Live

    Yes Please!
  2. Moose84

    SeaWorld Leadership Changes

    If these people leaving are what is creating a friendlier environment, new experiences, and an overall better guest experience that I had last month well then I say good riddance. I know I don’t have all the backstories but from what I experienced at San Diego compared to a couple years ago the...
  3. Moose84

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hollywood

    I still say a ministry of magic attraction for Hollywoods D.A. would be awesome. I know epic universe is rumored to have one coming but if you make a drop style attraction for Hollywood would it not be a win win with it different than what’s rumored for U.E.U. and a space saver for a more...
  4. Moose84

    WDW Resorts - Update & Rumor Thread

    I think what many forget is that there are many people with severe fear of heights. The gondolas might seem convenient but for those with that issue this is just not an option. I remember when I was younger(10) my dad would have himself, me, and my brother surround my mom just to help her take...
  5. Moose84

    SeaWorld San Diego

    Just got back from San Diego and me and my family spent multiple days their having the time of our lives. Will say it felt more friendly, happier, livelier, and busier than our last trip in 2017. We bought the annual platinum pass which is a steal for all the benefits for such a low price. Very...
  6. Moose84

    Free Guy

    Seriously though that looks like a straight up blast at the cinema!
  7. Moose84

    2nd USH Gate?

    Announcement to hit 2023 shortly after the opening of UEU, don’t want to steal thunder of course. This will be followed closely though as strange permits, land acquisitions, and projects have commenced around the property with no acknowledgment by universal for 2 years, since 2021 the year...
  8. Moose84

    Future of Revenge of the Mummy

    Seems like insinuating but feel free to elaborate...
  9. Moose84

    Future of Revenge of the Mummy

    Am I the only that realizes @Brian G. just told us basically that the earliest we will see Kidzone close is 2025. Just think he mentions this looks to be first on the chopping block, before Kidzone, but won’t begin work until after Epic Universe opens. So EU opens 2023 and if this begins...
  10. Moose84

    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    What the Mack family does with a water park! Also of note is this is only the indoor section of Rulantica their is an entire outdoor section that they will be finishing through the colder months for an opening next year and an attached hotel, Kronasar, which is already open. “Ahh Europa-Park...
  11. Moose84

    Attendance Tracker

    2018 third quarter numbers were up 10 percent over 2017 though not down. Also 1st and 2nd quarters of 2019 have been up, be it slightly over 2018, but still up. Third quarter numbers may be down but not awful. Call me the optimist but I really root for SeaWorld Entertainment. Also my family...
  12. Moose84

    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    You know the sad part is people talk about IP like box office is all that matters lol... Radiator Springs Racers is a ride that has continuously gotten the highest wait times since it opened yet the box office seemed mediocre with the sequels and yet.... merchandise and this ride can do that...
  13. Moose84

    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    Universal Studios Beijing is set to be facial recognition guinea pig for entrance and more. And so my fears of a hub open to public comes back. Some think it can be cool or what ever. Yet for me the thought of fighting through hub crowds of non paying park guest to get to the next land is...
  14. Moose84

    Universal Studios Beijing Coming in 2021

    Anyone else hear this will be the guinea pig for facial recognition for Universal theme parks?Basically face is ticket, express pass, and even pay.
  15. Moose84

    Super Nintendo World (Hollywood)

    I guess I’m the only one excited this isn’t a coaster........and also think that this is absolutely “THE” next game changer for theme park e-ticket attractions! Think of it like this do you want Radiator Spring Racers(which is great) done with Mario characters or something next level? My vote...
  16. Moose84

    The Bourne Stuntacular (Spring 2020)

    You say “unwatchable” and I say art in motion. Tomato and I say “ toemottoe”. The fight choreography being reflective and not memorized, brutal, and true exhaustion/desperation displayed adds a realism to the fight. A lot of fight scenes have the issue of looking too clean and lacking any...
  17. Moose84

    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    What’s crazy to me is after hearing of the plans for Fantastic Beasts Paris my anticipation for lands list is: 1.Classic Monsters 2.Fantastic Beasts 3.Nintendo 4.HTTYD with Nintendo at 3 and my absolute love of Nintendo shows me just how beyond great this park may be. *note* that I also love...
  18. Moose84

    Universal's Epic Universe Wish List & Speculation

    Maybe we can get a walkthrough like Knockturn Alley in London
  19. Moose84

    Disney's Jungle Cruise

    So excited and agree with @Scott W. that there is a major Brendan Fraser The Mummy vibe. Which in my opinion is totally a great thing!
  20. Moose84

    Attendance Tracker

    I believe people have to remember that people are choosing different vacation options as well. The fastest growing vacation option seems to be cruising. The industry is growing at a break neck pace to meet demands. That’s what my family has chosen the last couple of years. It allows more...