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    Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash (Opening 2020)

    Personally this is my favorite view. Hogwarts Castle and the black lake flanked by two Costco warehouses.
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    USH Price Increase!

    The monthly charge only goes down if you are past your 12 month commitment. The only passholders that will see a reduction in their monthly payments are the ones that are past the 12 month period and are paying month-to-month. If you are still in your 12 month contract, the price will not go...
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    USH Price Increase!

    A rare price decrease to Annual Passes and its a significant one! Sliver Annual Pass Was $179 is now $174 Gold Annual Pass Was $329 is now $249 Platinum Annual Pass Was $629 is now $449. When the Platinum Annual Pass was introduced in 2016 it sold for $599, and this was before they...
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    Express Pass

    Yes you can upgrade in the park. They sell both tiers of Universal Express at the Universal Box Office (inside the park) and at select gift shops. They will also on busy days have Universal Guest Relations stationed throughout the park in Info Booths selling Universal xpress. The price...
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    Studio Tour

    I took this survey. And the price of admission on "value" days only fell by $27 from the current gate price. All the other scenarios they presented saw the single day ticket staying the same or getting a very significant price increase.
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    General Discussion - Jurassic World: The Ride

    I assume that Single Rider is now open? Or is the wait short?
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    Jurassic World: The Ride Construction Thread

    It sucks. The California Neighbor Pass, a pass that cost roughly half the price of the Gold Pass is valid all week. Really sucks.
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    Super Nintendo World (Hollywood)

    I think the more likely entrance will be where the Panda Express is today.
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    Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem (USF)

    Not anymore. Hollywood's is now in 2D.
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    Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem (USH)

    My guess is guest surveys are telling them that people are tired of 3D attractions. Another added benefit for Universal is they no longer have to staff positions required for 3D glasses. So with the removal of 3D from Minions that leaves Transformers and Supercharged/Kong as the only 3D...
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    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    The entire Six Flags chain is valued at just under 5 billion. Why would a company buy just 3 parks for 5 billion? Plus Herschend is a private company, they don't have 5 billion to spend without going into crippling debt. Six Flags looking to buy Herschend theme parks and water parks on the...
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    USH Price Increase!

    Prices went up by $10 on all Annual Passes. Silver : $199 Gold: $329 Platinum: $629 $10 discount if purchased online . There was big change in the monthly payment plans . Instead of all Annual Pass levels paying a down payment equal to that of the average 1-Day ticket, down payments are...
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    USH Price Increase!

    Universal is now selling a 2019 Season Pass for $139, $10 more than a full priced 1-day ticket. 2019 Season Pass valid now through 12/13/2019 and is valid for over 200 days admission with 40 weekend days.
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    Disneyland's 3rd Park Rumor Discussion

    The California Coastal Commission and environmental activists objected to Disney's plans to fill in part of the Port of Long Beach harbor to build the resort.
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    Secret Life of Pets attraction coming? (USH)

    Kong, Supercharged, and although not a "dark ride' but it is a very slow moving ride Seuss Trolly Train Ride in Orlando all have unnecessary height restrictions.
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    Secret Life of Pets attraction coming? (USH)

    I really hope this ride does not have a hight requirement, that is another thing this park desperately needs- something the ENTIRE family can ride together.
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    USH Price Increase!

    Universal has lowered the price of all Annual Passes purchased at the gate by $20! Passes purchased online receive a $10 discount.
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    Super Nintendo World (Hollywood)

    So this is filling the hole left by Globe Theaters demolition. I wonder how long it would take to deconstruct an HHN maze then set up a Grinchmas Tree and bleachers inside that sound stage. I really want to see the long version of the tree lighting ceremony return to the park.