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  • As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact everywhere, we understand our users will have a lot of questions about how it affects the theme parks. We are entering unprecedented waters, and honestly, the answer is either "yea, probably", or "Too early to tell". We just don't know specifics until the theme parks give us an answer. At this time, we're asking to please leave the COVID talk to the appropriate COVID threads, and if something officially and specifically is impacted by a closure, then we can discuss it further in the respective threads. Thank you!


  1. CowMissing

    Vintage Television Commercials

    Disney's Aladdin A Musical Spectacular at Disneyland Resort Television Commercial Disneyland Park Summer Goofy TV Commercial (2004) Disneyland Park - Rock This Dog Television Commercial (2004) Disneyland Resort Snow Globe TV Commercial The Main Street Electrical Parade “Vault” -...
  2. CowMissing

    Vintage USJ Commercials

    Universal Studios Japan Promotional - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (2013): The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter - Universal Studios Japan - TV Commercial (2014): Universal Studios Japan - Vintage Commercial:
  3. CowMissing

    UO Featured in Television Programs

    Behind The Scenes - 'The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man' - Ultimate Special Effects: Behind the scenes look at The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man featuring attraction concept, planning, testing, as well as video from the ride. Spoken in the video: Mark Woodbury - Senior Vice President...