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Adventures in Charity 2015

Discussion in 'Disney Springs' started by SeventyOne, May 1, 2015.

  1. SeventyOne

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    Champions Gate
    Can't believe it's already May ... tickets are now available for the third annual Adventures in Charity event, this October 3 at the Holiday Inn LBV.


    For the first time, the event will be emceed by fan-favorite Karl Anthony (aka "Blondie," the hands-down winner of the final Balderdash Cup ever). Also, new to the line-up this year: Jay "Snoopy" Becker and French Canadian maid Allison Decaro. Several other former AdvClub actors will also be participating, check the website for more information (and keep checking back as the cast will likely expand between now and October). As always this promises to be a fun night of original live comedy with all proceeds going to the actors' favorite charities.

    Tickets start at just $25 and the event will sell out. Get yours early. For anyone out of town, the Holiday Inn is offering great rates for attendees--again, see the website. Kungaloosh!

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