Annual Preferred Pass Benefits


Jun 28, 2017
Looking at ticket options for August, and I'm trying to decide if getting 1 Annual Pass would be worth the $. I'd love to hear from any of you on how much/what you can save with an AP. Here's what I know so far:

I'd be looking at a 2 park preferred pass ($384.99). I could then use this to buy my other 3 tickets at discounted gate prices and save a little bit of dough. (2 adult 2 park 4 day passes, gate price 324 x %15 discount by purchasing with AP, and 1 kids 2 park 4 day pass at 314 x 15% discount = total savings of about $27 from the online purchase price. Still not totally sure if I want to save the $27 there, or buy 3 Season passes for $284 each so that we can have 1 extra evening in the park on the night we arrive. Right now, we're just planning on relaxing at the hotel pool [Cabana Bay] or hitting City Walk on our first night since we don't get in until lunchtime.)

I already checked hotel rates. The AP doesn't save us there. We're using the "Stay More, Save More" and it is cheaper than the AP rates.

So, basically, I guess I'm trying to figure out, regardless of what I do with the tickets (buy 4 day passes at the gate, or buy season passes)... Can I justify the $100 extra for the Annual pass. We won't go back to Universal this year. Can I easily make $100 in discounts on food, souveniers, etc? Are there any other hidden benefits to the AP that would make it worth the $100?

Also, is there any disadvantage to buying at the gate? (That's the only way I can get the discount with the AP as far as I know.)