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Boneyard FX's Horrorworld

Discussion in 'Other California Parks' started by DTH, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. DTH

    DTH Member

    Nov 7, 2016
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    Has anyone had a chance to check it out? It's in the Puente Hills Mall but the cost is INSANE for one maze. $20 for single entry, but if you want to do all 3 of them, it's $45, which isn't that bad if they're good, but I'd like to see some more reviews. One of them is an "alone maze," also! [Almost forgot to note, for it's last weekend, the $45 All Access Pass to all 3 mazes will get you unlimited entry.]

    Would love to see what HHN's old FX partner is up to.
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  2. Freak

    Freak Veteran Member

    Jan 10, 2013
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    No man's land: SoCal
    I did go several weeks ago....by myself to enhance the experience. Here's what I thought:

    Sanitarium: Weakest one by far. Why would any haunt function under bright, fluorescent lighting? At least the actors gave it their all.

    Grade: D

    The Fleshyard: I did this last year when it was in Yourba Linda. It was really good! Reminded me a lot of 2010 Sinister Point. It's pretty different from last year. There is some interactivity and there are some good scares in this one. Loved the energy of the talent.

    Grade: B+

    Into the Black: Also did this last year. Kinda the same but the layout has been tweaked some. Probably my favorite. The demons scare you and follow you everywhere, making it really creepy. Also, the set design is really good quality.

    Grade: A

    I thought it was kind of cool. Much better than Warner Bros. That's for sure! :lol:

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