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Can the animatronics on The Jurassic Park Ride be Changed?

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Feb 23, 2013
Milpitas Ca
I just want to say, I love the ride at Unviersal Studios Hollywood, but as time and time goes on the dinosaurs are beginng to age. The colors of the dinosaurs are beiginng to fade. Not only that, but the movement of dinosaurs don't look the same as they did a few years back. It would be pretty cool  if they could be replaced by new models of the dinosaurs. What do you guys think? Is this possible?
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Hard to say if they can be fully replaced or not. Technology has certainly advanced far beyond what it was since JP opened almost 17 years ago, but building new dinosaurs from the original molds would be extremely time consuming and very expensive, not to mention the ride would have to be closed for a very long period of time to install and test the new models. Considering Universal just refurbished a good deal of the ride a few months back and re-skinned / re-motion trained all of the animatronics, I doubt they'll revisit the ride for some time, at least for another year or two. Perhaps after Despicable Me or Potter they'll be willing to invest in it, but for now I don't think they will.
Sadly, I think you're right Adriana. They've already invested some money into the ride a few months back.

Shame about the animatronics though. That's one area Disney excels in. Their figures are always smooth and fluid.

Welcome by the way!
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I've been saying that for so long. It's one of my favorite rides anywhere, and it pains me to hear "ahh geez, laaaame!" Or "wow...they look so fake" every time i ride recently. Look at any old video of the ride, and it's truly amazing how fluid and smooth they used to be and their range of motions! We'll probably get a few enhancements or added effects once JP4 is released, but i unfortunately agree with Adri, i don't see the animatronics being replaced until after Potter. Universal can't afford to close JP down for an extended time with it's low attraction count.

Hopefully in the future....and if it's the near future, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
The sad thing is that most of the ride elements dont work the plants and trees are dying when the ride 1st opened in the 90s the scenes were filled with large green plants the robots moved more fluidly after so many years of monthly refurbishment the falling truck is still broken most of the scenery like buildings robots and the boats are outdated Even though if universal wanted to change the robots that company that created the dinosaurs probably went bankrupt