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Character Meet and Greet Lowerlot

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Last i went which was about 3 weeks ago yes they are still doing this. and its been years since they scared you at the attraction exit but that because it could cause injury on the stairs.
sadly they don't do this no more but i never got scared because every time i went to the mummy, there was no one there
I love when the characters give the riders a spook! I remember exiting House of Horrors when the Mummy jumped in my face. He even had a crowd around him laughing at everyone who got scared.
Exactly! I replayed that man screaming in the video about 5 times! Haha! I've never seen the Mummy stilt-walkers scare anybody, but I'll make sure to keep my eyes peeled when exiting the ride next time. That reminds me of when I went to Disney a few months back and Cruella De Vil would scare people walking out of the shops on Main Street. Always a good laugh!
When i went in 5-11-13 they were scaring people, I got scared too but does going in House Of Horrors 6 times that day say something?