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This and Indiana Jones were the top for me. All I need is confirmation that Indy will be compatible with the Steam Deck. For Doom it’s entirely possible for it to be announced for the Switch 2 once that’s properly revealed. If not, Steam Deck. The joys of multi platform ownership lol.
They totally foreshadowed this years ago when they said Eternal was their Evil Dead 2. Therefore Dark Ages is their Army of Darkness
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Its sucks 2024 is kinda. meh year but I'm glad it looks like 2025 will be a great year for Xbox its been too long since we were getting this good a line up but glad its finally happening
Did anyone else make this comparison or just me? ;)

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Solid Direct easily grabbing the Zelda, Mario Party and Mario and Luigi games day one and most likely Metriod as well
Great year for AQP. A huge box office success for Day One, this video game which looks amazing and then the hhn house. Love to see it