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Disney's California Adventure Overhaul


Apr 21, 2008
New Jersey
SOURCE: Reach for the Magic

Disney's California Adventure, which opened in 2001, is well underway its long-awaited overhaul. In October 2007, The Walt Disney Company announced plans to redevelop, or "Re-Imagineer" DCA since it is turning out low numbers for attendance and other numbers not mentioned.

When the overhaul is complete, Disney's California Adventure will have a general theme behind it: Walt Disney. The park will look like 1920's Hollywood, when Walt first arrived to start work on animation. The park's main entrance will be remodeled to resemble the one found at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Included below are some of the exciting opportunities that will be arising during the overhaul.

Cars Land
This exciting new section of DCA, based off the critically-acclaimed Disney/PIXAR movie "Cars", will feature about 3 attractions, 2 of them ranging in the "D-Ticket" category and 1 being an "E Ticket". (More on the 'ticket' descriptions later). The "E Ticket" for Cars Land will be "Radiator Springs Racers". This attraction will be similar to Test Track at Epcot. 2 of the film's characters, Luigi and Mater, will also receive rides based off of them. There will also be a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) similar to "Flo's Cafe" in the movie. Expect a 2011/2012 debut for Cars Land.

Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure
Perhaps the most anticipated ride coming to California Adventure, "Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure" will provide guests with an opportunity to travel into Ariel's Undersea world and encounter some of the characters from this beloved Disney classic. The ride system will be an Omnimover, similar to that of "The Haunted Mansion", "Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin", and "The Seas with Nemo and Friends." This attraction is expected to open sometime in 2011.

Disney's World of Color
Disneyland has "Magical!" and "Fantasmic!", now it's Disney's California Adventure's turn to have a nighttime spectacular. "Disney's World of Color" will utilize lighting, water effects, and pyrotechnics to showcase the classic Disney animation we all know and love to this day. Expect this spectacular to light up your night beginning in Spring 2010.

Revamped Paradise Pier
The Paradise Pier section of the park is also getting an overhaul. This classic pier will have the look of the 1930's, but with a hint of Disneyana tied into it. Expect such attractions as "Goofy's Sky School", "Silly Symphony Swings," and "Mickey's Fun Wheel." Oh, as far as "California Screamin'", which is remaining the same, Imagineering has decided that Mickey's ears that are on the loop of the coaster clashes with the new Victorian theme, and will henceforth be removed.

Overall, it is going to be an exciting time to be at Disney's California Adventure. Don't get this wrong, though. The park is not shutting down during the overhaul, so you will still have the opportunity to experience the other attractions this park has to offer.

The Captain

Jun 9, 2010
I don't like the new logo, the old logo looked a lot nicer from the font to the style. Isn't Disney California Adventure grammatically inncorrect? Why was 's dropped from Disney?

I hope that isn't a trend with Disney park names. I can't imagine, "Disney Animal Kingdom".
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Feb 1, 2008
Central, Fl
(12/13/10) I’ve heard the rumors and now the OC Register has confirmed that the big CALIFORNIA letters outside DCA will be removed for good in the near future to make way for the all new main entrance. According to the article, the first letters will start to be removed on January 4th, 2011.
Source: Screamscape

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
A short video has been released by Disney focusing on "Goofy's Sky School".



Nov 22, 2009
Fleming Island,FL
Watched Cars yesterday and I think I get why they decided to make a ride out of it versus say Up or Wall-E. The architecture and scenery of Radiator Springs and the surrounding areas is really extravagant and larger than life which makes it perfect for a theme park.


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Aug 17, 2009
Orlando, FL
From Disney Parks Blog:
As the exciting expansion of Disney California Adventure park moves forward, the Disney Parks Blog continues to give you a front row seat and backstage pass to all of the excitement. Since the expansion was announced, we have opened Toy Story Mania!, Games of the Boardwalk, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Silly Symphony Swings and of course, the nighttime spectacular, “World of Color.” Now, Walt Disney Imagineering has turned its sights to the next highly-anticipated opening: The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, coming soon in 2011. In this video, Imagineer Lisa Girolami takes you behind the curtain (or under the waves) to give you a first look at Ariel’s world. From the drawing board to the incredible scenery, this is an attraction sure to make a splash with guests.
Video here: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/01/exclusive-first-look-behind-the-scenes-of-the-little-mermaid-ariel’s-undersea-adventure/

Sideshow Mike

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Mar 14, 2010
From Screamscape:

(2/23/11) According to MiceAge, while the new Little Mermaid ride is on track to have a grand opening around Memorial Day Weekend, however the ride system is so far along that soft opening preview rides are expected to begin several weeks in advance of this. Will it be ready in time for Spring Break or will Disney hold off the preview rides until after the Easter crowds have vanished? Time will tell…

Sideshow Mike

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Mar 14, 2010
The Little Mermaid opens on June 3rd. From Disney Parks Blog:

Grand opening June 3: At Disney California Adventure park, get ready for an all-new voyage with one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Ariel. The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will invite guests to take a journey under the sea to experience all the fun and adventures in Ariel’s world. From the great songs to state-of-the-art animatronics and special effects, guests will become a part of her world in a way that’s never happened before.
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