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Fantastic Four (2025)

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MCU's Loki is not a bad general template to follow (despite them being very different characters).

Though I hope that mostly means they intend for Doom to be around for a decade-plus.
From what I heard, Branagh and Whedon actively involved Tom Hiddleston with the development of Loki’s character throughout the first Thor movie and the Avengers. After Thor was finished filming, Whedon and Loki had an whole afternoon discussing what Loki was up to following the battle at the Bifrost Bridge. Hiddleston’s scrapbook of all the ideas about Loki’s character Branagh asked of him is yet to be revealed. Not quite sure they can strike gold twice, considering the way they film now where actors can’t remember or know which movies they were in (amongst other MCU problems like the writing).
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So from what I gather from this if they go this route for Doctor Doom is he will now be more of the anti hero type.
Sounds sort of like it. Like they want to make him a villain, but also make you want to sympathize with him at the same time, which is pretty much what an anti-hero is.
There have been comic storylines (especially in the modern era) that position Doom as an anti-hero, and I think you can pull it off if you lay the groundwork.

What make him such a great and fun character are his contradictions.