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Feasibility of lunch at CityWalk while at parks


Jul 26, 2016
Part of the idea getting the season pass is to enjoy the 10-20% off food at the CityWalk. I have 2 days at USH, and planning one lunch at CiyWalk while the other inside the park at 3 broomsticks.

Is it feasible to come out for lunch and back to the park. I am not sure of the distances but will it be too much time wasted or with 2 days to spend will be OK ?
Jul 30, 2016
I think it's feasible; it just depends on how you plan your day. If you were to do the Walking Dead attraction, have lunch on CityWalk, and then see Waterworld, you wouldn't lose less time as those things are closer to the entrance of the park. But if you went from the lower lot, out to CityWalk for lunch, and then came back to the Studio Tour, you would lose more time as those are farther from the entrance of the park and it would take longer to walk.

That being said, with two days at the park, you would have more than enough time to do everything even with going out to Citywalk in the middle of one of the days.

Red Carpet

Aug 2, 2013
Most of the time I go to USH I eat at CitiWalk. It only takes a few minutes to walk from the park entrance to anywhere in CitiWalk.The only annoying thing is you have to go through the metal detectors again when you come back to the park. Despite that, I find it worth it. The food options in CitiWalk tend to be better than what you find in the park. Universal has a monopoly over the food in the park, while Citiwalk has a bunch of independently operated establishments competing for your business.


Staff member
May 23, 2013
Yeah, as long as your schedule is not too strict then it's pretty easy.