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Fun Spot Expansion


Dec 1, 2009
From Local 6:

New attractions planned for Orlando park
Fun Spot will expand to three times its size


Roller coasters, a water park and go-kart track are just some of the plans for an expansion at an Orlando theme park.

The new park would be located next to the Fun Spot Action Park on Del Verde Way off International Drive and I-4.

The park will be three times the size it is now and crews will soon begin construction to turn the area into Central Florida's latest attraction.

"My daughter will love that, her favorite thing is to ride the roller coaster," said one Orlando mom.

Families at Fun Spot were thrilled to hear about the latest plans for the park on Tuesday.

The 10-acre expansion projects includes one wooden and one steel roller coaster, a water park complete with a lazy river and slides, and will double the number of rides.

Park managers hope it will bring in more guests while maintaining their small park atmosphere.

"We're not in the same league as the big three, but we think we provide a great alternative," said Mark Brisson, the Fun Spot director of marketing.

Both local and visiting families said the Fun Spot is already a must see park.

"I enjoy it because I don't have to get on rides with her and it's cheaper because I don't have to pay to get in," said Sonia Payne, who was visiting Orlando.

Except for the new water park, Fun Spot will remain a pay as you play attraction. Park managers said the expansion will create at least 200 new jobs and will hopefully be finished by March 2013.

The expansion must still be approved by the city.


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Jul 18, 2008
Not quite the Orlando Thrill Park but should be a fun diversion nonetheless.


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Jul 24, 2008
Orlando, FL
A GCI Woodie would put Fun Spot on the local attraction map. My question now is what kind of steel coaster they are getting. I hope it's a Gerstlauer Euro-fighter.

I have heard this expansion is in the ballpark of $80-100 million.

On a side note, Old Town is also in the midst of a big bucks expansion.


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Feb 27, 2010
Oviedo, FL
Apparently, GCI's new "Big Fun" creation is possibly coming to Fun Spot as the wooden coaster (from robbalvey at ThemeParkReview):

Well, we did hear a "rumor" that a GCI Big Fun was coming to Orlando. I wonder if this could be what Fun Spot is proposing?
Here is a video of Big Fun (made by GCI):